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A sometimes underutilized part of “Claws,” Quiet Anne (Judy Reyes) speaks little but packs a giant punch in last week’s episode ‘Scream.’ Focusing on Ann’s point of view, the drama of the Nail Artisans of Manatee County are shown from an inside-out perspective that is high key effective and disconcerting simultaneously.

With a keen eye and observational skills, Ann’s emotions take a wallop from start to finish. With Desna ordering her to run errands and be her glorified chauffeur, Ann is legitimately hanging on by a thread. She is compromised when a call from the Department of Child Services tells her they have a baby for her and her partner. Teary eyed, she informs DCS they’re unable to make the appointment.

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With Desna throwing a spa day for Gregory’s mother and their sponsored girls, Ann is even further alienated by the seeming happiness of her sister-coworkers. Especially when Ruval’s mother (Madame) indicates he is close to proposing. Her mood is fraught with tension when her brother Henry-tall, good looking, state senator-begs her to attend a family dinner. When Ann reminds him that their parents essentially disowned her -and that they’d do the same to him if he wasn’t closeted-he lays on the guilt trip thick and she acquiesces to his request. The hits just keep coming for Ann.

Her inner voice is prevalent throughout-one standout moment is when her brother hits on an attractive waitress and the inner Ann SCREAMS out “You’re GAYYYYY!!”-and it makes itself well known. Judy Reyes is criminally underrated as an actor; her heartbreaking breakdown in the restaurant bathroom during family dinner just solidified her status as a fantastic artist.

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When Ann finally lashes out at her parents regarding their treatment of her, she also outs her brother Henry. And in a twist, her parents admit they’re gay too! The whole dang family is gay and it is weird and wild and so clearly “Claws.”

It’s no surprise that Ann must be counselor and friend all rolled into one. After a wonderful heart-to-heart with her brother, she’s called into a liquor store to rescue Jenn. Jenn who has chugged boxed wine, didn’t pay for it and then proceeded to hurl over Ann’s flip-flopped toes. Sigh. This is a never ending 48 hours for poor Ann.

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After a seemingly dreamlike song and dance sequence at Jenn’s AA meeting-which actually ended up being reality-Bryce tells Jenn he’s having an attorney draw up divorce papers. It’s harsh and bitter but Jenn seems resigned to it.

In the episode’s final, powerful scenes, Ann’s inner Ann jumped out and the anger jumped off. Letting Desna know how disloyal she’s been to her friends, she pops Desna in the face and calls her a b*tch multiple times. It doesn’t end there. Ann goes off on Polly and the emotional baggage that she’s carried for a season and a half lays her low. It’s a watershed moment but something resembling resolve comes over Ann. She confesses everything to Arlene (over voicemail, ugh) and when Arlene calls her back, Ann is ecstatic.

As Arlene tells Ann that she isn’t seeing anyone and to meet at her place, the shot pulls back to reveal her in an unmarked car with…her detective partner. They then promptly drive up and arrest Dr. Ken. Just when we thought “Claws” could not get twistier…

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