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Claws – “Burn” Review

Desna has a start a war. #ClawsTNT
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One of the best and most awesome things about Desna has been her resiliency and ability to big picture everything. So it is an eye-opening scene to see a somewhat composed and mightily pissed off Desna in front of her burned out dress in her backyard. The rage radiating off of her is so potent Dean and Virginia both get the vapors from her energy.

At Zlata’s, her goons are busy vodka-boarding Roller to find out where Uncle Daddy went and what happened to Chip. Roller maintains loyalty to his Dixie Mafia family but offers a half truth when Zlata threatens to kill his son, Bogdan. Zlata knows Chip is dead-and that Uncle Daddy offed him-but thanks to Roller, she also believes he’s on his way to Greensboro. It shows how much love Roller has for his son…and in a heartbeat he finds out it’s a lie. Bogdan isn’t his and the hurt on his face is evident.

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Desna gets into bed with the white devil again and sets up an arson plan with Uncle Daddy. At Ruval’s warehouse, the crew is about to burn the whole building to the ground but unsurprisingly, Uncle Daddy puts the kibosh on that plan. Grabbing all the snow/blow/powder, they blast their way out with only Clay taking a minor gunshot to the shoulder. Virginia offers to be a corner boy for a Gucci bag but Desna advises her they aren’t selling any of it. During the entire op, Quiet Ann was down for calling her Santería priest to call down some vengeance on Zlata and Ruval but as she reiterated to Desna, she wasn’t down to sell dope. As she storms out of the salon, she tells Desna to “Call her when she wakes up.”

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As Uncle Daddy, Roller and Desna discuss why Zlata and Ruval targeted her, the entire sordid story comes out: Desna is the only one licensed to operate pain clinics in the state. She wasn’t aware that she even signed up for a license-as Uncle Daddy thoughtlessly told her-but sign she did. And because the state cracked down on issuing licenses to all parties Desna was the golden goose. And when Ruval married her-and got rid of her-the license would revert to him.

The pain and resentment and utter loathing on Desna’s face says it all. And when she realizes that Uncle Daddy and Roller had a hand in her potential demise, she vows to be done with them. Forever.

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Desna has one last epiphany as she avoids the disgusting touch of Ruval (and plays it off): plant some of the coke on Zlata’s thugs. When Roller questions that play she explains it in simple terms: “It’ll start a war.”

In order to start a war, you need allies you can count on and Roller comes through. As Ruval and his crew breakdown Zlata’s righthand Boris’s door, they boil his face and break his neck and take the planted dope back. The plan is on track…until Quiet Ann’s still-a-detective girlfriend arrests Desna for money laundering. Oh boy…

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