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Claws – “Til Death” Review

Desna embraces her criminal enterprise side and ascends to her final form on #ClawsTNT.
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When Desna Simms ascends to her final form, baby, she leans all the way in.

Opening at a shooting range, Desna engages in a bit of *ahem* stress relief with Roller. The two of them have had such a contentious relationship over the course of two seasons but it seems like things are back to where it all started (maybe).

Des has other important matters at hand such as figuring out Ruval’s actual income portfolio. While the faux happy couple are cake tasting at a highly posh hotel, groom-to-be Gregory mentions that he owns the property. That puts Desna on high alert: contacting Zlata, she confirms that the ruthless Russian is only aware of three of Ruval’s property earners. While doing a bit of sleuthing at his office, Desna discovers her husband-to-be owns multiple on top of multiple properties-from million dollar residences, to multimillion dollar commercial endeavors (including a race track!). It is a feather in the cap of Desna’s long con. Zlata thinks she’s getting all of Ruval’s assets when she might be getting 3% of his actual assets.

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The rest of the crew isn’t faring quite as well. Polly-dumper of Dr. Ken-is abandoned by her foster daughter Marnie. While enigmatic, creative and a force, Polly Pol (played to perfection by Carrie Preston) is fragile, delicate and sensitive. After a brief mention previously, we’re introducing to her twin sister Lillian. Brash, unbothered and intent on Polly’s uncomfortability, something about Lillian is a bit…off. From her suit to her very early 90’s rental car, she seems totally out of place. And we quickly discover the reason: the trauma of Lillian dying when they were 13 (coupled with Marnie’s disappearance and Dr. Ken’s betrayal) caused a psychotic break in Polly. She’s placed on a 72 hour hold and is forced to review her life in vividly aching detail. Only Desna-bold, captivating, decisive Desna-grounds her to the here and now. “We’re criminals Pol; we might as well own it.”

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As for the Dixie Mafia: those Hussers are something else. Uncle Daddy’s second cousin Clint actually has some interesting ideas for expanding their criminal enterprise while Roller is a bit of a fish out of water. Meanwhile, Bryce and Jenn think they can go straight by obtaining a home loan and moving to Tampa. Large problem: Bryce has no job and Jenn makes about $12/hour plus tips. It’s a fool’s dream-a sweet dream-but a fool’s dream nonetheless. Bryce’s desire to further head onto the straight and narrow is further derailed by the smart aleck mouth of Jenn’s stalker Rabbi. After Clint decides the Messianic Center is perfect for the Dixie Mafia’s rehab facility, they try to force stalker Rabbi into signing over the deed at gunpoint. When Bryce intervenes on his behalf, stalker Rabbi says some…crude remarks regarding Jenn’s anatomy. He’s not saying too much after Bryce stabbed him through the jugular with a flamingo pen. Problem solved?

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The fake wedding is on, Dean is walking Desna down the aisle and the season finale of “Claws” promises to be the most explosive episode of the dramedy’s young life. Clink, clink b*tches.

You can catch Claws on TNT Sundays at 6PM or on demand

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