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Tensions between Zlata and the Dixie Mafia-tense at the best of times-fall apart in last week’s episode, while Dr. Ken decides if he’s going to snitch or get stitches.

As Zlata and Desna celebrate the opening of their second pain clinic, Dr. Ken languishes in police custody. As Quiet Ann’s ex-girlfriend Arlene lays out his options, Dr. Ken sweats himself into a messy puddle. He has two options: the clink or witness protection. After listening in horror to Arlene’s partner explain prison… hierarchy, Ken makes the choice: “It was the Russians!”

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As Ken spills the beans to the joint task force, Zlata cements Desna’s lieutenant/family status by gifting her a cherry red, fabulously new Maserati. As she chats with Roller about her baller status, he lets it slip that Uncle Daddy and the Haitians are planning a takedown of Zlata and her operation at her golf game in a week. While she debates the merits of telling Zlata what Uncle Daddy is planning, there is a definite difference in opinion between what her crew thinks she should do and what she wants to do.

Uncle Daddy’s plan to take Zlata out has a flaw: it was intrinsically tied to Ruval ok’ing the action. And because Ruval did NOT ok said action, Uncle Daddy has an epiphany (courtesy of dead wife Wanda) and calls in all of the Dixie Mafia daddies to Palmetto. It’s go time.

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Things are topsy-turvy but two things always brings folks together: engagements and opening night at strip clubs. Ruval pops the question to Desna on a secluded beach with a flawless, pear-shaped, cushion cut, 4-carat diamond and voilá, they’re getting married. And to further the celebrations, Dean makes his début as the lead in Polly’s male revue at Hammer & Pickle (body rolling like a boss). Things are looking up…but this is “Claws” and nobody stays happy for long.

As the club empties, the Dixie Mafia make their move. With Zlata singing a pensive and poignant “All By Myself,” Uncle Daddy and Bryce come in guns a-blazing and take out some of the Russian crew. Zlata is no fool and is strapped. In a blink, she takes out multiple mafiosi and shoots Bryce in the chest. It is chaos.

After dropping Bryce at the hospital with Uncle Daddy and Jenn, Desna pays a call to Zlata to remind her of the parlay that was supposed to happen. Hearing a familiar voice, she peeks into Zlata’s den and sees her and Ruval. Cozied up. Canoodling. And then doing more than canoodling.

The game will never be the same…

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