This is an inevitability when it comes to the “top list” series. You have to take it one step higher, and find the “best of the best”. The goal? Well, let’s see what my all-time favorite piece of art from 2020 is!

As a side note, this isn’t about what’s “objectively” good. I’m not trained in art at all, this only some silly bunny’s personal opinion. There was a lot of killer art this year, a lot of which didn’t make it to even the Honorable Mentions. As a reminder that does not mean those pieces are bad or not good.

This is for good fun, as has been the “here’s my top picks” concept from the beginning.

So here’s how this will go: We’re going to figure out which piece each month is the “most liked”. Then, we’ll have one “final” 2020 list where I do a “top 11” and find out which is the “Best” of 2020. It normally would’ve been 12, but I started 2020’s lists in February. Oops!

With that being said, let the battle begin!

4. Legendary

From “Top Furry Art Picks for the 2nd Week of Feb 2020” comes a trio of epic Legendary Pokemon pieces. For me, this awe-inspiring rendition of Giratina was my personal pick of the pack. The way he towers over the viewer with the waves crashing around him and the sun shining as if it’s a holy halo heralding a force to be reckoned with is just, it’s great. And the narrow red eyes give it a real sense of menace and power. Also, take note of that small orange plane at the bottom so you can really get a sense of how gargantuan this ancient legend is.

3. First Furry

Hailing us from the “Top Furry Art for the 3rd Week of February 2020” is this nice manga-cover-esque piece of Beastars fan art. Which…I still have not watched after all this time. Sacrilege, I know, I know. Wait until you hear about my sorry track record with furry literature.

Missed entertainment aside, I have to place this one next because Xinillus gives this piece a lot of mechanical goodness to look at. Having the adorable Haru next to the somewhat annoyed-looking Legoshi makes for a great visual contrast, and that contrast gets doubled up on in terms of their outfits. Haru’s got a more bright and peppy look, while Legoshi’s a little more on the darker and moody side, which makes this a nice piece to check out visually. Haru’s got some nice mechanical legs too, might I add.

2. The Collector

The first top pick of the series ever, from “Top 7 Furry Art Pieces From 2/4 – 2/7”! Man, what’s up with that title? It’s quite different from the “Editions” format I use now! Danielle English’s coconut-picking griffin is a delight to look at, with his playful grin and marvelous blue and white feathers. I really enjoy how English tried to do the perspective on this piece as well. While it does admittedly look a little odd to me, I think it’s a great attempt, and I think the angle and perspective add to the fun in the piece. And check out that backdrop! Very sweeping and curvaceous, like you’re really up high above the world, with everything from a lake to ruins.

But alas, there can only be one top pick, and February 2020’s top furry art pick is…

1. Flaming Kick

Searing in frrom “Top Furry Art From the 4th Week of Feb 2020” is this awesome fire kickpulled off by a Blaziken. Now that’s a curious book end – this list started and ended with Pokemon fan art. I didn’t plan this, I swear.

What makes this the top pick? I think it’s mainly all in the kick – just look at it! I feel like I’m getting fifty degrees hotter every time I check it out. We have the angle of the kick that puts it right front and center, as well as upwards. Next, we have the colors that go from a bright orange-yellow, to bright yellow, and then a blazing white that really sells the red-hot kick. Finally, the flames of the kick serve as a makeshift series of speed lines that add to the strength and speed of the kick.

Lots of splashy bits of fire here and there add to it, and Blaziken’s pose is real fun to look at. The left-pointing arm, tail, and hair (feathers? Fur?) also add a nice contrast to the forward-blazing kick. In addition, there’s this filter that Amarteifio put on the piece that gives it a very unique flair that I don’t see too often in other furry art.

Congratulations and a job very well done Adrian Amarteifio! Your super red-hot kick Blaziken is going to the finalist list! And a very well done to the other three pieces too, it’s not easy to stand out among all the other pieces out there, but you all managed to do it.

Sort of exciting isn’t it? Don’t worry though, we’ve got plenty more excitement – ten more months’ worth of excitement as we count off the other top picks before heading the finalist list. Don’t miss a beat – or in this case, a hit!