Another week, another top seven pieces of furry art!

We’ve also hit the end of the month of February! So we’ve got one month of the series officially in the can. Hmm…should I do a top 4 picks of the month?

Before we get lost in that, let’s have a look at this week’s top picks. There were some real killers this week and I think you’ll like what I’ve got in store for you.

As always, I’m on the lookout for new (non-Adult!) furry art favs. Showing a little fur is never a bad thing but I’m on the hunt to give some spotlight to the more non-adult side of furry art.

I take a look at things day-by-day, pick that day’s personal favorite, and then rank those 7 favorites to find the best favorite this week. Let’s go!

7. Settling the Score

Coming in at #7 is this Magnum Bullets-inspired picture. If you haven’t seen the music video for the song, definitely check it out! It’s pretty great.

This picture almost looks like a still image from the music video, and is just really great to look at. It’s like something out of a neon-noir film. I really adore the shades of blue and magenta. Good job  Unichromacorn!

6. Admirers at the Beach

Sy Noon gives us this really cute picture for the #6 spot.

I really love the colors on this, and Momo’s (the character in the pic) pose is really nice and admittedly good looking too. It’s another great example of how you can still capture the sexy without going full adult with something.

You might get tired of hearing me say that but trust me I feel like a lot of furry artists could really learn how to use that better.

Also Momo’s pretty cute. What’s not to like about cute?

5. Draconic Invitation

Instant awesome, just add dragon is the name of the game for the #5 spot. What’s there not to love about these fierce mythological creatures?

And speaking of colors, get a load of those reds and blues! And the detail of the dragon’s scales. Gallivant Crow does a fantastic job of drawing dragons it seems – better bookmark them in case you need your own draconic boss in the future!

4. Broken Mirror

“A broken mirror only shows as best it can”

I saw this drawing of (Adult!)Asriel done by ClaraKerber pop up on my timeline and I was immediately hooked on it. A great example of “less is more” – sometimes a simple black and white drawing is just as great as a magnificent color picture packed with detail.

If you know about Asriel and his place in the Undertale lore I feel like this picture becomes a little more powerful too. Which I’ll admit – it does factor into its place as #4 on the list.

3. Golden Dancer

Breaking in at #3 is this amazing (hand drawn) picture by Kikimochan.

This picture’s a real delight to look at. The golden fish guide your eyes all around the image, and I love the pose of the character as well. It’s got a nice sense of flowing movement to it. The little golden stars are a nice touch too – no space seems to have been wasted at all here.

It definitely seems like an artist to keep on the radar for fantastic future drawings.

2. Underground Circus

I know what you’re thinking – “Nicholas this is an animation, aren’t those supposed to be separate?”

Yes…for the most part. This one’s a little more of a simple animation, and I feel that even if you freeze-frame it, it’s a delight to look at. There’s just so much going on and a lot of motion and energy to it that makes this #2 picture a blast to look at.

Plus the idea of an underground circus using magic for its acts is a pretty cool concept. Phenomenal job on this one Dreamkeepers.

Before we get to the #1 pick, let’s take a look at some of the other cool art seen during the week.

Kekeflipnote on Twitter gave us this funny (and adorable) short animation this week:

Seems like the animation was enough of a hit to get enough likes to get the doggo a happy ending too!

Vaporwave seems to have definitely been a theme this week too, as we got this awesome piece by Vlackitten.

Rickswriting also dropped this pretty groovy picture of Salimaster Stix, a raccoon engineer of some sorts. Check out all the jewelry they’re rocking too!

And finally, check out this mesmerizing magic-user done by Ktrew!

And now, let’s get to the #1 pick of the week.

1. Fireside Kick

Coming in at #1 is this amazing Blaziken fan art. Get a load of that fire kick!

A real sense of heat comes from this one. Plus, I love the special filter that Drak-arts seems to have put on the image. The colors are great as well, and I just love the composition on it. You get a real since of that heat and power from this one.

Seriously, this one’s on “Sell prints of it ’cause I want one” levels! Awesome work Drak-arts and congrats on being this week’s winner!

And that’ll wrap up not just this week, but this month as well. Hope you’ve been enjoying the art on this series – there’s gonna be more to come for sure!

If your art didn’t make any of the lists don’t worry – that doesn’t mean you’re not good. I just may have liked other pieces over yours. But I’m just one silly bunny, so don’t take my lists as being definitive or anything. I’d love to hear your own rankings for this week’s picks though!

There’s plenty of awesome furry art that I know I’ve missed (I’m just one bunny with limited time after all) so if you see anything cool feel free to DM me on Twitter at AuthorNiko.

Keep on drawing fellow furs!