Top Furry Art for the 3rd Week of February 2020

There were some great picks for the 3rd week of February. Time to check out some more great furry art!

It’s another week, and you know what that means – time for more furry art pieces!

There were some groovy pictures for sure this week, and there’s also something new: this week I’m also throwing in furry art I found on Instagram!

I was also planning on including Fur Affinity but they’ve been experiencing issues this past week. I was able to find some good pieces, but I only saved the links, so any art I would’ve picked can’t be reached.

Sorry FA friends! But I’ll still honor those picks once the site is back to working order!

A quick side note before we begin: Art that’s featured by a curation account is not applicable. I’m looking for recent art pieces. I may consider curation accounts in the future, but for now, I want to focus on recent art posted by the artists themselves.

(That being said, if you all think it’s a good idea to include art that’s posted by a curated account let me know – I’ll definitely look into it if you are okay with it.)

That being said, let’s get into this week’s picks!

7. Orbz the Furry Cat

Kicking things off this week is this awesome headshot art by Vaporclaws. I really love this one – the colors are great, the character is pretty good looking, and I love that far-out glitter effect in their hair.

They seem like a good artist to keep on the radar if you want some great headshot badges!

6. The Iron Maiden

What a gift – an awesome Iron Man suit! Coming in at no. 6 is this kickass piece featuring a female furry Iron Man.

I know, I know some might think it’s odd – but c’mon you gotta admit it’s pretty amazing. I love how they captured all the plates and folds of the Iron Man suit. It looks like they finished kicking some bad guy butt as well.

Awesome gift art Fayrogue. I’m sure they loved it.

5. The Lovers

I always love seeing tarot-themed art, so I was happy to see this pop up in my feed when I was searching for art this week. It’s not easy to do tarot art, but it’s safe to say that this one came out pretty good.

It’s nice, vibrant, and colorful. I like how they played with the idea of symmetry as well – both characters are in a similar pose, right down to how the tails are lying. And all the colors work great and compliment each other to make a piece of art that’s so darn great to look at.

Maybe they should do more tarot themed commissions? Great work KittySkeletal!

4. Ramen Dinner

StefiHeartlily takes the #4 spot with this adorable hand-drawn piece. I love the yellows and greens of this piece.

But what I also love is the amount of detail that’s in this piece. This is for sure one of those pieces where every time you look at it you find something new to notice. Some small detail – a splash of soup, maybe a loose-leaf, something – that you pick up on.

Now I just really want a good bowl of ramen.

3. The Dragon Lady

AntonHnz hits it at #3 with this beautiful dragon lady commission. This fearsome wingless lady looks pretty good looking – and badass too. Did you catch the cracks of heat poking through their skin? Or what about that cape made out of scales? Or how about those curved, looped horns? It definitely looks like a lady I don’t want to mess with!

There’s lots of great dragon art out there, and this piece is a nice addition to those numbers.

2. Worgen Warrior

Coming in at #2 is this astounding piece by Xuzaxuza. Just give it a good look over – the piece practically glows with power!

They also threw up an alternate version where the character is wearing nothing but undergarments. So if you like the male furry figure, there you go – it’s also another great example of how to be more tasteful with things.

Also, is it just me – or are the feathers on the sword easier to see in the armorless version?
Before we get to the #1 pick, let’s check out some honorable mentions.

It’s an adorable cuddling picture full of cute designs and cuddles. What’s not to like?

This snake warrior is bringing the heat! Watch out for those curved blades!

There’s just something I really like about this piece. It’s cute, and it’s blue. Plus the amount of stuff that’s going on is great.

We’ve got another beautiful anthro for you to check out. Get a load of those glowing eyes!

Fantasy fairy furry art is always a good thing. I love the butterfly wings on this one!

Omu Macaw showed off this amazing commission, done by Rizapiska on FA. A really great good looking bird lady! Also, can you spot the differences between the initial post and Omu’s second post?

After I got over the PTSD this piece brought – hey Cuphead was REALLY hard! – I fell in love with how they tried to re-capture the Fleischer look with furries.

It’s boss battle time! Kinda a cute boss when you think about it?

Some pretty strong runner ups this week! Now, let’s have a look at the #1 pick for this week:

1. New Stars

Coming in at #1 is this amazing piece of Beastars fanart by Xinillus. I actually had to double-check their timeline when I saw this one – I mistook it for official artwork at first!

I mean yes, Beastars isn’t done in a scifi setting but still, you never know. It’s always good to make sure!

When this popped on my timeline, it instantly caught my attention. The level of detail, of quality, is phenomenal. It’s fantastic to look at – and I’m not even a fan of Beastars myself. I’ve not even seen the first episode – sacrilege for a furry, I know.

While Xinillus doesn’t do exclusively furry art be sure to give them a follow regardless.  They do some fantastic work and they deserve every follow they get!

And that about wraps it up for this week. Again, I did want to include FA but with the site’s problems this week I wasn’t able to get art in for this post. Maybe next week! Paws crossed!

Which art did you like the best? Agree with my list – or would you have ordered a few items differently? Let me know what you think!

Just uh, mind the fuzz in the comments. I hear tape is great for getting fur off clothing.

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