It’s Monday – and you know what that means!

Time for another round of top furry art picks. We’ve got some cool stuff heading down the pipeline for this week that I think you’ll really enjoy. Especially if you like cute furries!

Be sure to check out last week’s list if you haven’t gotten around to it either! The #1 pick was….razor sharp, you could say.

Now, let’s get on with the list, starting with:

7. Thrift Fashion Attack

Kicking off this week’s top seven list is this cute black and white sketch done by Jesonite. There’s a lot to take a look at in this picture, which makes it the classic fun “lots of stuff going on in every corner” image. The two gals in the center are downright adorable doing their selfie in the center of the store.

And then there’s more going on, from rabbits shopping for toys to another gal that looks rather…enraged about something. Maybe the fellow in front of her is taking a jacket she wanted?

6. Snowball Speed Paint

Coming in at number six is another cute pic, this time a cool snow time painting by Jacato. Once again, you’ve got some cute fellows taking the center stage. The winter background is nice too – I really dig the pine trees in particular. The eye colors are another aspect that i think work really well too. The blue eyes of the scarf-wearing character go great with the cool tone, and then the green eyes of the other not only contrast the green eyes, but also stand out with the cooler colors. Some nice color play going on here!

5. Fishing Dragon

I believe it has been a while since ERA-7 has been seen on this list! And once again, they’ve rolled out another absolutely great painting-style picture with this fishing scene. ERA doesn’t always do full-on “furry art”, but they have some great painting pieces regardless so if you’re looking to add more great space and cosmic pieces to your inbox, give them a follow!

But what really sells me on this piece are the colors on the dragon. The bright yellow-orange on the front contrasts well with the darker colors of the dragon’s back half, which helps bring attention to that rather impressive hammerhead shark they’ve fished up, hence the name. Come to think of it, I think this is the first pic I’ve seen of a dragon fishing.

4. Robin Hood Reborn

Last week, we saw Desu Box tease a new Robin Hood AU concept with an image of Maid Marian mourning a possibly dead Robin. This week, Desu Box treated us to another preview of this concept with their “Alternate” Robin Hood. This design concept is really cool – seriously save the picture or zoom in or do what you can to take a closer look so you can see the new details and designs Desu Box did with Robin’s AU look. Also that top right – I’m assuming he’s in moonlight – forward face with the glowing eyes looks cool and omnious.

Desu hasn’t said anything about what the glowing eyes mean, but given this is a gothic AU with a Castlevania/Bloodborne twist I can only assume it’s something supernatural.

Looking really great with the artwork so far, but you know what time it is – time to take a quick moment to check out some awesome honorable mentions from the past week!





Sleeptime Spellblade
What a cute little Dream Knight! Art by NathIvy

 Some nice variety of pieces in the honorable mentions this week!

Now, let’s get onto the top three pieces, starting with:

3. Clock Town

And to kickoff the top three we’ve got another “lots of things happening” piece by 0laffson, this time fantasy themed!

Looks like these are all characters based off of a real-life D&D campaign that the commissioner of the piece played in. It’s quite the nice piece, and each of the characters really stand out in their own ways. You can really pick out ideas on who these characters or what they’re like based off of their costumes. I mean sure, they’re D&D characters and that might be how it is, but it’s still a nice detail!

2. The Skunk Fortuneteller

You know how much I like magic! Dangle some magic in front of me and I’ll at the very least check out the piece! Also an unintentional call back to the honorable mentions – we’ve got another cute skunk character here!

Though I like the cosmic implications of the piece too. You have the fortuneteller drawing power from their crystal ball and casting a sort of spell that goes up and into the stars, most likely to try to read the stars in some way. The lighting and shading on this piece is another strong point, and I love the lighting on the ground that naturally draw you in towards the center, as do the stars – works great when scrolling up or down on the timeline – or a top seven list!

And now, it’s time to take a look at what this week’s #1 piece is. This time we’ve got:

1. Oasis

A collection of alluring lovely ladies takes the number one spot this week! And no, it’s not because they’re all wearing swimsuits! Hey, I never said you couldn’t have anything attractive in this series.

In all honesty, Ultiochka’s massive YCH piece does have more than simple “this looks sexy” going for it. What caught my attention was the colors, lighting, shading, and water effects. It’s a burst of well-executed colors and light that’s hard to miss and it really reels you in. Everyone has their own colors, fur patterns, and bikini designs too, which helps each character stand out.

I think another strong point for the piece is the artist didn’t go hard on the sensuality of the piece. If you check out all the girls, they’re just relaxing and having a nice day in the water. Even the bovine in the center (speaking of which, we could use more bovine characters) isn’t doing the expected come-hither look – she looks like she’s having more fun teasing that frog with her tail!

Not to mention it’s another “things happening in each corner” piece. I swear I don’t plan these!

Regardless, this piece was quite the splash and a job well done to Ulitochka. Congratulations, your piece was the #1 pick for this week!

And a job well done to all of the other pieces both on and off this list! As always, if you have your own personal faves that didn’t make the list, or you have your own personal order for this week’s picks, let me know in the comments! I’d love to hear your thoughts!