Art, art, art. One of the biggest parts of the Furry Fandom are the wonderful pieces of art that the fandom produces.

While it certainly is known for more…adult…types of art, there’s a great deal of non-adult work as well. And today, we’re gonna go over some of my top picks from the first week in February that I saw on Twitter. So if you’ve seen me favoriting and liking lots of furry art, that’s why. I’ve been a scouting bunny!

This is also my first time doing this, so it’s a little clumsy. This, going forward, will be a weekly feature, going from Sat – Friday. This first time I only hit a few days, but I still picked out seven pieces I liked.

Before we begin, I want to lay out some ground rules for folks:

  • NSFW (Not Safe For Work) Art is not eligible. This is looking at Non-Adult work. While some may argue that sexy art is “NSFW”, it’s not adult, which is what I feel most furs use NSFW to convey anyways.
    • However, if you’re an artist that regularly does NSFW you’re not excluded. I’ll more than likely give a heads up to my readers about your content, though.
    • Art that’s obviously trying to appeal to a specific kink or fetish is also excluded.
    • Risque art is not off the table, but it depends. Case-by-case basis.
    • I’d also like to say there’s nothing wrong with Adult art. I just want to give some lovin’ to the non-adult side of art.
  • No repeat winners within a month! Let’s share the spotlight now.
    • Winners can appear in another week’s honorable mentions, though.
  • When I’m scouting I’m looking for posts by either the commissioner or the original artist. I had to disqualify a piece from this week because not only was it a repost by someone other than the artist or commissioner, but it was a piece from 2019.
  • When I’m scouting I’m looking for art posted/done that week. If you send me something and it’s from January and I’m looking for stuff in May, tough noogies.
    • I might feature it anyways in a special section or maybe even another article, but it can’t win that week’s contest.

Alright, everything clear? Good? Alright, let’s get going!


7. Too Trippy Two Headshots

IT is starting us off with some rather trippy headshot badges! Get a load of those bad boys!

Soon as I saw these on my timeline I was drawn in. With bright colors, plus a contrast of blue and red, this was an eye-catcher. The backgrounds are also nice, drawing you in to the zany characters in the center.

My personal pic? I’d go with #2. I just love how those reds swirl around into a fun trippy trip.


6. Protogen Headshots

This lovely carousel of cool brings four dynamic protogen headshots to the table. Protogens are basically cybernetic dragon-like creatures. They’ve been getting more and more popular as of late, it seems.

Here SivallyProto serves up some past commission on Protogens. I loved all of these, with great, dynamic colors and some eye-catching contrasts within each picture. Though if I had to give a top pick, it would be #4.

I’m sorry, I have a bias for plant-type things. Plus plant-themed Protogen sounds like contrast in of itself if you think about it!


5. The Flying Raptor

Lookout! Those claws are sure to do some damage!

This is just a really fun piece to look at. There’s a lot going on with talons and a tail in your face, and a badass (and admittedly good looking) raptor lady swinging into action. As one reply put it “Sexy! And without being naked!”

I know right? Furries that can be sexy without being nude.

That blurred background is also great, giving the piece a sense of speed, and also putting the focus on our raptor friend here.

If you’re looking for more kickass art definitely check out the rest of Kyander’s work. It’s great stuff.


4. Fluffy Fun Goodness

Furries and cute go together like Valentine’s Day and chocolates, as this pic demonstrates really well.

It’s a burst of hearts, bright colors, and cutey goodness. Plus hearts. Lots and lots of hearts. I guess you could say this is heartfelt. Eh? Eh?

Anyways,  this is a cutey that you shouldn’t pass up. It’s bright, it’s vibrant, it’s eye-catching.

3. Good Looking Sabertooth

A little bit more on the risque side, but it does manage to keep things non-adult. The art of the flirt and tease.

But there’s more than just sultry poses to this one. What mainly draws my eye is the face of the character. Bright blue eyes that really contrast with her darker fur, and bright blue hair lined up against darker blue hair. It almost demands you pay more attention to it than the other parts of the picture.

It’s a nice piece that’s sexy, but still tasteful.


2. Kobold Magic

There’s room for all kinds of art on my top lists, and that includes greyscale pictures as well. Get a load of this cute Kobold Mage!

What I like about this picture is that there’s just so much going on. You have the mage in the center, tentacles holding up a magic book, portals to other areas, and a stack of magical books. All rendered in extraordinary detail – check out the magic runes on the portals!

I’m still finding new things here and there when I take a second look at things.

Before we hit the top piece, let’s take a look at some Special Mentions. These aren’t quite honorable mentions but are pieces I think stand apart on their own for one reason or another.


A Twitter Speedpaint

Speedpaints aren’t anything new, but it’s rare that I see one on Twitter. I felt it needed a shout out – why don’t more artists do Twitter speedpaints?

Get Your Spotlight

This was a really groovy animation. Fun Fact: I actually scouted the nonanimation version of this earlier in the week and was pleasantly surprised to see this!

I dunno where to put animated works though. Maybe another contest is in the works?

Fire Furry Force

While this one didn’t place, I just had to give some spotlight to Clockwork Raccoon’s lenticular badges. I felt this one in particular really sells what you can do with this kind of work.

And the #1 piece is….


1. The Collector

It seems like Thursday really brought the fire, as there were lots of great pieces to choose from, but this one not only took the day, but the week.

An awesome painting-esque piece with a beautiful griffin/dragon hybrid out collecting coconuts. And if that wasn’t enough – check out that magnificent desert background!

There’s a lot to look at, and much like the Kobold Mage pic, I’m still discovering new details every time I take another look at this piece.

Honestly, it looks like something that’d be right at home as artwork for a card game. Maybe Magic: the Gathering?

Either way, toss this artist a like, retweet, and follow! Congrats to our inaugural winner!

And that’ll do it for the top 7 pieces. But wait! Let’s check out some daily honorable mentions.


I both got the idea and started scouting on Tuesday, so there is no Monday this week (rip)

Get a load of these lovely cat ladies!


This is some trippy vaporwave stuff! If that’s your scene, definitely check out Mez’s Twitter – their sona is a “Vaporwave Demon”!


What can I say? The mock Time magazine cover got a chuckle out of me and that character’s adorable. It’s like a furry win-win right there.


And lastly, we have this pretty lady.

That about wraps it up! A little longer this time around, but we did need to lay out some ground rules and background info.

Scouting for the week of 2/8 – 2/14 has already begun! I’ve seen some great pieces already so stay tuned – there’ll be more furry goodness coming up!

But which piece was your favorite? Who would you put as the #1 spot? I’d love to hear about it in the comments!

Just…you’ll have to BOYLR (Bring Your Own Lint Roller).