If 2020 taught us anything, it’s that we can always count on video games to keep us entertained, whether we want to stay inside or not. When AAA titles didn’t deliver as expected, indies picked up the slack with viral titles such as Among Us, Fall Guys, and many more. And with 2021 right around the corner, there will be many more exciting indies to come. Make sure to keep these action-packed indies are your radar for 2021.

Blue Fire (Nintendo Switch, PC, Xbox One, PS4)
In this Nintendo Indie World Showcase title, embark on an extraordinary adventure through the perished world of Penumbra to explore unique temples filled with increasingly difficult 3D platforming challenges, diverse enemies, quests, collectibles, and more. Slash daunting adversaries, leap through deadly traps, and master the art of movement.

Turnip Boy Commits Tax Evasion (Nintendo Switch, PC)
Yoshi isn’t the only one committing tax fraud! Play as an adorable yet trouble-making turnip. Avoid paying taxes, solve plantastic puzzles, harvest crops, and battle massive beasts all in a journey to tear down a corrupt vegetable government!

NIRA (Nintendo Switch, PC)
Explore procedurally-generated islands in this fast-paced, sandbox survival adventure filled with building, crafting, fighting, farming, and quests. Build a base, hunt, cook, battle ogres, make friends with a mysterious Totem, ride an alpaca, fly a plane, and do whatever you need to survive.