You’re in for a surprise with this week of furry art – there’s no Easter picks that have made the list! How does that happen? A day dedicated to rabbits, and no rabbits with eggs? Guess we all must have not been in a festive mood, and who could blame the world, really?

However, just as always we’ve got some great picks lined up for you. So let’s go Italian and kick things off with:

7. Let’s Fight

Coming up first is this colorful battle piece by Crym. It seems like a fun enough pic, featuring a slew of different characters of all kinds of different types and colors. Really gives a nice variety of things to look at, and while this is a battle, nothing seems to clash in terms of style or color, so all the characters can get an even amount of attention.

Also there’s a giant octopus monster in the background, and you can’t go wrong with that.

6. Blues and Blacks

Vexstacy once again comes in with another alluring lingerie piece. Always a great reminder that no, you don’t need to go full on explicit to make art that’ll make the guys and girls turn their heads.

This time we’ve got a black and white vixen dressed in some revealing blue lingerie. I like the added frills to the design, which run down the leg and also the torso areas. Adds a nice visual touch to the solid blue. And the darker tone of blue goes great with the character’s black and white fur.

5. Monkey Business

Dan Syron presented us with this waist up shot of a monkey character this past week. I’m loving the action pose and that dynamic, bright orange with the grey trim. This seemed to be a practice pic, and all I have to say is if this is him “still getting used” to new software, then I can’t wait to see what happens once he’s finally used to it.

There’s a lot going on visually, from different hand gestures, hair going everywhere, and a pretty neat way to make the character look more furry.

4. Vehicular Antics

Rolling in at #4 is this exciting piece of driving action that wouldn’t be out of place in a Mad Max or even Borderlands-type setting. We’ve got feathers flying everywhere, a golden revolver wielded by a lovely dragoness, and what looks like some kind of rodent shooting out of the window.

One of the strong points of this piece has to be the composition. All three characters are arranged in such a good way, with all of them fulfilling a different role, and with varying expressions and such. The feathers flying around give the piece a sense of frantic action, as well.

Don’t get too frantic, though. We’ve got the honorable mentions to check out:

Quite a shining set of honorable picks! Now, onto the top three, starting with:

3. Dance Among Stars

Golden Druid kicks off the top three with this absolutely beautiful cosmic cat that sparks the imagination. Golden Druid puts to work a great combination of cool colors accompanied with some amazing effects. For example, look at how fluffy the clouds are, and how their color seems to radiate off the cat’s tail. Or check out the shining stars above and how the artist not only rendered lighting, but gave a soft glow around what the stars brightened up.

Would you care for a dance with this star of the clouds?

2. Mysterious Grace

Roosting at #2 is this dark, graceful owl by Istandar. Take a close look at this one: Istandar packed a lot of detial into the rendering of the owl and its feathers. I’ve seen plenty of pics where it looks like nearly every strand of fur is rendered, and now we’ve got the avian equivalent of that. Just look at how the feathers are layered, and how the lighting is done, and the different tones used to give a real sense of dimension to the owl.

The shining rings in the background are an excellent touch, and adds that trademark sense of magic and mythology that is seen throughout Istrandar’s art.

And the #1 pick for this week is:

1. The Last Standoff

What can I say for this one except whoa. This was an immediate attention-grabber when it popped up on my Twitter timeline, and the more I look at it, the more I love it. The Last Unicorn is a cult classic fantasy movie that has a lot of dark elements to it, such as the frightening Red Bull depicted here. A terrifying enemy that chases the fair unicorn, and that might and terror is rendered perfectly here. To counter the evil bull, we have the unicorn casting her own magic against it, and she shines almost independently of the Red Bull’s fire, giving her a defiant, magical opalescent shine.

It’s an intense piece, a wonderful use of composition, color, and most important, magic. Congratulations and well done Nephelomancer, your piece is the #1 pick for this week!

And what a way to conclude this week’s picks. I have to say, Nephelomancer’s take on The Last Unicorn has to be my favorite I’ve seen so far this year.

But unlike the unicorn, it’s not the last top pick, so be here next week for more awesome furry art!