There was some pretty great art upon Furry Twitter this week, so let’s not waste any time with getting right into things.

If you missed last week (or just want a recap on the rules), check it out here!

Now, let’s not waste any time and get right into the top picks for the week. This time I was able to actually do it right, so we’ll have seven picks from each day of the week from 2/8 – 2/14.

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7. Valentine Fluff

Starting off our list is this adorable Valentine’s poodle drawn by Terribleanimal. What’s not to like about it? It’s sweet and really fluffy looking. And there’s something about the more muted colors that I really like.

Also if you really dig this pic they have prints of it for sale in their shop.

6. Free Like My Hair

Strobes commissioned this great piece from Big Round Lion, and by is it a fun one to look at! I love the colors on it, and the pink on Strobes’ outfit goes well with the blues and purples in the background. Not to mention the purple in Strobes’ mane.

I also really love that pose. It’s a fun one.

While Strobes’ sona is usually a male, they do have this alternate female form they rock too. Just like this pic!

5. The Forest Avian

Neungsonie rounds out the #5 spot with this beautiful night painting of Namofako’s owl character. I love the multi-colored trees in the background, and the owl looks pretty cool as well. I don’t think I see owl characters – or heck even avian characters in general – rockin talons and claws for hands. Watch out, they look pretty sharp!

Painting-style art never seems to disappoint.

4. Coffee Husky

Taking #4 is this rather adorable picture of Ryker Husky’s fursona done by Silverfox.

I think we’ve all been here once or twice before, though! One of those days where you keep pounding away cup after cup of coffee and you still can’t keep the eyelids up.

But don’t let the cute distract you from the incredible amount of detail Silverfox’s put into Ryker’s fur.

3. Officer Sketch

Now we enter into the top three, with this amazing pencil drawing of Judy Hopps by Askalin.

Hand-drawn work is always a joy to look at, but this one really does justice to the medium with excellent pencil work, lighting, and a real feeling of fur to every non-clothing stroke.

Also it’s adorable. So that’s like, the icing on the art cake for me.

2. Ehraan Guard

Coming in at #2 is this beautiful piece by Alector Fencer. If the exquisite amount of detail on the fur and armor wasn’t enough, check out the lighting in the piece too. She stands partially in shadow, and there’s a nice shine to her armor.

Not to mention it’s also a good demonstration on how to draw female armor. Fierce lady indeed!

Before we break into the #1 pick, let’s take a look at a couple of my favorite animations I found. They seem to be more numerous than I thought, so I just had to give them their own special sub category. Let’s see what we got:

D&D Chill

What can I say? This animation looks like something out of an actual cartoon! I almost mistook it for an actual cartoon at first.

There’s just lots of detail to the characters’ designs, the animation is sound, and their tails even swish and flick.

Close Up

Seel surprised me this week when they posted this animation meme. There’s just so much going on with the music, the poses, the characters, it’s just great.

There’s just so much to look at and enjoy with this one that it’s a fun watch every time.

Now, let’s get to that #1 pick!

1. The Legendary

Coming in at #1 is this trio of beautiful legendary Pokemon from the Sinnoh region. But what caught my eye was that first one, Giratina. I just love the way it rises up out of the waves and partially eclipses the sun, giving it a sort of halo. Like some old ancient power rising up into existence.

My second favorite would have to go to Palika, the 2nd pic.

And that’ll do it for the top picks! But let’s check out the daily honorable mentions, shall we?


It’s a bright sunny piece. What’s more to like? The character is also pretty cute as well.


This was an insta-fave as soon as I saw it. It’s just so darn adorable and I love the colors on it. It might not have won a spot but the artist is definitely on my radar.


Okay, so it barely manages to abide by the rules. But it’s still a beautiful and admittedly sexy piece none the less. Bonus points for also being hand-drawn.


Train in the ways of the Jedi, you must! It’s an admittedly cool pic, and yellow lightsabers are always cool to see.


It’s ghoulish. It’s mystic. It’s mysterious. It’s cool!


Vexstacy Art came out swinging with another beautiful – and sexy – pic. Also check out the plug earring! I also dig the patterns on her outfit.


Finally, there’s the awesome bat bust! Check out those colors – I love the reds, the pinks, the black, it’s all really great. On top of the detail that went into the bat’s mane.

And that’ll do it for this week’s picks! Hope you enjoyed what I was able to find – and as always feel free to mention your own favorites – or even if you’d rank them different than I did!

Furry Twitter’s also enjoyed time in the spotlight but keep watch for next week. I’ll be taking a look at material from Instagram and Fur Affinity!