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Supergirl moves to The CW this fall.

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Upfront season is always a chaotic time of year for any TV show. Sometimes however, drama ensues and we get to experience the current situation.

Supergirl, which aired on CBS all of its first season, is one of the shows that its fate lingered in between getting renewed, cancelled, a shorter season, or moving networks.

It was obvious that it should be kept around. Including DVR playback it has averaged

9.8 million viewers and a 2.4 rating among adults 18-49 in a very competitive time slot and since it’s move to The CW, if its audience moves with it then it will be one of their highest rated programs.

It made even more sense when you factor in the three other DC shows already airing on the network. CW upfronts, which were held on the 18th, already confirmed that a giant crossover between Flash, Arrow, Legends of Tomorrow and Supergirl was already in the works.

One of the most troubling aspects however is the move to Vancouver. Financially, it makes sense. Filming in LA is what made the budget for the show so outrageous in its first season. However, filming there is what led the show the opportunity to cast the fabulous people they were lucky enough to get. For example, last year when they cast Calista Flockhart as Cat Grant, she made it very clear in her contract that she only would film in LA.

Cat Grant became a fan favorite very quickly, part in due to how she was more or less a TV version of Miranda Priestly, her quick wit and scathing put downs, and as the season progressed, her wonderful mentor relationship between herself and Supergirl/Kara Danvers.

While the show could go on without her, it would be losing a crucial component that made it such a success last year.

CW president Mark Pedowitz spoke at the upfronts that they were in “ongoing talks” with Flockhart about her role going forward from here.

Lucky for us, the actress herself is a big fan of the show and the image it portrays and she genuinely wants to be a part of it. My guess is that she will be bumped down from series regular and probably only show up in half the episodes out of the entire season.

Rumors also circulated a couple months ago about the show creator, Ali Adler, courting Wonder Women alum Linda Carter to play the President next season. Lets all hope that this move doesn’t impede any of those plans because that sounds AMAZING.

For a couple more months things are going to be up in the air on how the show is going to be portrayed in the coming season. A lot of fans are worried about the show starting to focus on love triangles and the male characters more than the core cast of women, which was the main reason this show became so popular to many, myself among them. The fact that at one point in the season there was a woman in charge of every main company and agency, even going as far as Peter Facinelli’s character, Maxwell Lord, referring to the President and God as women, are huge steps in the current TV landscape. I can only hope the show continues on its progressive and modern viewpoint.

Lastly, and this is more personal because I’m extremely biased on this part, no one knows if Laura Benanti is coming back in her role as Alura/Astra/Any other character.

If they ever show Superman in this show and it just happened to be her….I would not even complain. Just putting that out there.

Dear CW, Please bring Laura Benanti back. I do not care if it creates a huge plot hole. Bring.Her.Back. Pleaseandthankyou 🙂

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