Crisis ends and all heck breaks loose. On the final episode of Crisis, we along with Kara, are introduced to a whole new Earth-Prime. The bringing of the Arrowverse is mind-boggling in and of itself for our caped hero, but the true mind-f$%# comes in the form of Lex Luthor completely ret-conning his existence and legacy through the book of fate. Not only is Lex looked at as a hero in this new world, but he’s also the owner of the DEO. Thankfully J’onn has given every one of the super friends their memories back, so they, of course, do not trust him.


Jon Cryer as Lex Luthor (CWTV)

Kara is hopeful that Lena has does not have her previous memories and vows to tell her that she is Supergirl, but before she is able to we see Lex waking her and explaining to her how he made a deal with Monitor to ensure that she kept her memories in exchange for his help in saving the multiverse. (Side note: I LOVE John Cryer in this role!) So when she goes Lena lets her know that nothing has changed.

The episode continues and we learn as the multiverse collapsed and was recreated some of the earths, that no longer exist somehow melded with Earth-Prime meaning some characters have doppelgangers showing up. Specifically, there are four other Brainy’s that all of a sudden show up, including a female Brainy, played by Meghan Rath the sister of Jesse Rath, who plays the male Brainy. Jesse does a fantastic job of playing several different versions of Brainiac 5. We learn that there is a Brainiac on the loose who has some sort of “bottle” that if opened poses a tremendous threat to the entire world.

As the events of the episode unfold, it is made clear that our Brainy seems to be a step slower than the others, coming up with solutions and figuring out issues minutes after the rest of the Brainys. We are introduced to the idea that has been seen in most incarnations of Brainiac in the comics and animated series, the bottling of worlds. Eventually, Brainy explains to Supergirl the story of his personality inhibitors when he was a child. He explains how it keeps him out of sync with the Big Brain and therefore a step slower, but also more controlled emotionally.

Eventually, as the episode reaches it’s climax Brainy decides that the best way to help his friends and save Earth is to remove the inhibitors.


Brainy’s new look (CWTV)

When he does he is transformed into his more natural state, with green skin instead of blue and blonde hair instead of white. Brainy is now much more powerful and in more control of all of his powers, though it is, of course, his intellect and surprisingly his empathy that allows him to convince the rogue Brainy to hand over the bottle containing the “other” Earth.

The most significant portion of the episode occurs as the female Brainy explains to the new more logical Brainy that the biggest threat to the world is Leviathan (yea, they’re still around) and in order to save the planet Brainy has to work with Lex and forsake his friendships. The logic in why he has to break up with Nia and lie to his friends seems flimsy, but let’s see where it goes.

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