Some of the things that have been hinted at over the previous episodes began to come to fruition during this episode. Kara begins her partnership in earnest with William as we learn more about why he has it out for Andrea Rojas and her family. In an attempt to get him to slow down on his desire to confront Andrea directly, Kara agrees to bring him to the DEO to witness the interrogation of the mercenary, Breathtaker.supergirl-season-5-ep-05-rip-roar-rip-off.jpg During the investigation William storms into the room asking about a Dr. Octopus look-a-like, Rip Roar. He tells Kara, that Rip Roar was responsible for the death of his best friend, Russell.

Supergirl asks J’onn to investigate and he finds no sign of Russell’s death, which hints at what seems rather obvious to most viewers (Russell is Rip Roar) though they don’t reveal this until closer to the end of the episode. This episode begins to give us more of a view of Andrea as more than just an annoying boss. She and Russell as it turns out were a couple, though we do not know much about the relationship yet. As the annoying boss, she does continue to force her “reporters” to use the paper to market the launch of her new VR system.

Now with the launch of this new VR system, you would think everyone would be in the comfort of their own home, seeing as how the brilliance of VR is that it’s…virtual. Instead there are a tremendous amount of people who happen to need saving because they are unable to see the danger around them.

The danger in this case being a large tidal wave created by a laser gun that Leviathan had Rip Roar use to melt a glacier in the Antarctic. Dreamer is able to stop the tidal wave and Supergirl and J’onn are able to stop the geyser by essentially flying in the opposite direction? After the anti-climatic reveal that Russell is Rip Roar the next reveal hints at there being more to Andrea than meets the eye, as Leviathan shows up and tells her she needs to do something about Rip Roar.

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