The premiere of season 5 of Supergirl kicked off with the usual emotional tugs sprinkled with some predictable drama. It opens with the carry over from last years bombshell of Lex telling Lena that Kara is Supergirl, still in the forefront of Lena’s mind. She is planning her revenge and doing the Luthor thing of smiling and playing innocent while preparing a trap for their enemy.

We also find out that Kara will be winning a Pulitzer Prize for her article on the president and he dealings with last season’s villain, Agent Liberty/Ben Lockwood. We also get a glimpse of this season’s soapbox. I like this show, and over the last few years I feel like the showrunners have used it as a platform for their own feelings about alien amnesty, human trafficking, fear mongering around immigration, etc. While these are topics that are relevant to the current climate, at times I feel disconnected from the show and thrown too much into reality. This season’s punching bag appears to be social media and the dangers of seeking “clicks”. Kara and James have a huge debate with their new boss (Lena’s sells Catco to Andrea Rojas played by new cast member Julia Gonzalo) about the value of true journalism versus click bate.

The shining moment of the episode was Kara finally confessing to Lena that she is Supergirl. Benoist and McGrath both are excellent in the scene. Kara’s genuine anguish at having lied to her friend is palpable and Lena’s silent tears carry a lot of weight as the chemistry between the two jumps off the screen. The final scene of the show, lets us know that in true Luthor fashion, Lena is not as accepting of Kara’s confession as our hero is led to believe.

We are also introduce to a new super powered villain, Midnight, who has the capability of creating blackholes.

We learn that she is actually a a foe that J’on has faced in the past and sent to phantom zone. The climactic battle as usual, leaves a lot to be desired, but the emotion of the show makes up for what the superhero battle scene lacks, in this case.

The big reveal between J’on and his new foil makes had me curious. We saw at the end of last season that the Mointor brought J’on’s brother from somewhere to seek revenge. When he is confronted by the brother, J’on states he does not have a brother, so I am curious if this “brother” may be from another Earth and may be part of the set up for the Crisis event. Either way, this was a good episode with some great moments and scenes.