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TGON’s Top 3 Superman-Related Pop Songs

Tryptoniting the Light Fantastic!

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Meet Death Of The Endless

The second to come into being, Death took on an eldest sister/second mother role that all big sisters take on. Only Destiny is older. Her realm has been called The Light At The End Of The Tunnel and her sigil is her ankh.

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Meet Dream Of The Endless

Dream has many names. Dream, Morpheus, Lord Dream, Sandman, Oneiros, and Kai’ckul are a few names I know of. Of the Endless, he is the third to come into being.

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Who Are The Endless? Let’s Meet The Sandman’s Siblings

Netflix is currently making Neil Gaiman’s The Sandman graphic novels into a show series. The novels follow Dream of the Endless as he sets things right and regains his power.

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