This week’s soapbox: journalist integrity and prison reform. As always the writers definitely try to stay socially relevant and this was a fitting topic given the dirge of news not tinge with rhetoric and opinion (from both the left and right by the way). They stayed away from the prison reform piece too much focusing instead on the importance of the media to tell the truth and be a beacon of light.

Ultimately, this episode became the vehicle to write James “Jimmy” Olsen (Mechad Brooks) out of the show. It’s been known since this summer that Brooks would be leaving the show to pursue other projects and opportunities. He’ll be playing Jax in the upcoming Mortal Komabat movie (expected released date March 5, 2021). Here’s a clip of from his Instagram of some of the training he is doing for the role.

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Major Jackson Briggs. Special Forces. The Brawler. 🥊 #justakidfromaustin

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The final scene where Brooks is with the rest of the cast talking about why Jimmy is choosing to leave appeared to be a genuinely emotional experience for everyone.

The episode itself was busy. The Arrowverse theme of lying to our friends because they don’t know us well enough to forgive us for mistakes was prevalent again as J’onn continued to hide that he had wiped the Martian collective mind of the existence of his brother from the rest of the super friends and it of course comes back on him. Why this is, a theme the showrunners for the Arrowverse choose to continue to rehash is perplexing. It just feels overdone and predictable.

Kara and Nia continued to pursue their investigation of William with some surprising revelations (of course this continues me to believe this eventually will become another ill-fated love interest for Kara). This storyline is feeling ancillary and almost gets in the way of the Martian brothers storyline. With that storyline being mostly complete, it appears this will take center stage.

Lena, Lena, Lena. She has gone full Luthor. The twisted logic she is using to justify her actions is completely comicbook villain appropriate.


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“You lied to me about who you were for stupid, but somewhat legitimate reasons, so now I’m going to lie and scheme and create a world where no one can lie and scheme.” Am I the only one that’s reading that in her actions? The only way I can explain it to my wife, who watches the shows with little context of comicbooks lore besides movies and television, is that she’s a Luthor and you never make a Luthor angry.


In the other storylines that they are cramming into each episode Nia and Brainy fixed their relationship with advice from Lena(?).


She advised him to ask Nia to help him try less hard…. Also Alex really likes Kelly…like a lot.