So it’s clear that this season of Supergirl is slowly building the internet, social media, and the distractions of technology to be the big bad for the season, but it’s an obvious but slow build. I think that seemed to be the overarching theme of this episode, foreshadowing that is proving to be almost to overt.

The budding relationships between Brainy/Nia and Alex/Kelly begin to take root as subplots that will affect the team moving forward. Alex is frustrated and scared that she despite not knowing a lot about Kelly (e.g. she’s allergic to blueberries, so blueberry pancakes aren’t the best idea) she feels as though she is falling for her. This plays out later in the episode when J’on’s brother impersonates Kelly.

Brainy and Nia’s relationship does not look as though it will be moving in a positive direction, as even though he is capable of predicting the probability of success of certain things to the 99th percentile, Brainy seems incapable of seeing how his overzealous actions could backfire on creating the relationship he wants.

J’on continues to struggle with understanding, who this brother that he has not memory of is, and Kelly through use of the VR glasses and Q-waves, goes into his mind to help him rebuild memories that have somehow been wiped away. supergirl-season-5-episode-2-review-stranger-beside-me.jpgThey discover some disturbing truths about his brother and his role in the Martian Civil War.

Lena is dealing with her own demons, as we find out that she is the one that kidnapped Eve at the end of the premiere episode and has some not so nice plans for her. Lena also explains her very Luther-esque plan to make humanity better, by making it impossible for them to do harm, through the use of the VR glasses.

There is a lot going on in this episode and at time is begins to feel a bit clunky. Kara continues her battle with her new boss and new colleague, however there seems to be some heavy foreshadowing that they will eventually end up an item.