The long awaited Crisis on Infinite Earths crossover event finally began with Supergirl on Sunday night. The opening sequence was fantastic as they canonized many of the previous DC movies and shows to the Arrowverse multiverse with guest stars:

Earth 89 – Robert Wuhl (from 1989 Tim Burton Batman)

Earth 9 – Hawk and Robin (from Titans tv show)


Earth 66 – Burt Ward (Robin from 1966 Batman TV show)

From the previews and shots photos on Instagram and other social media, we know there will be several other Earth’s introduced as the Crisis continues.

As the scene shifts to Eather 38 (Kara’s earth) another surprise guest star appears. Will Wheaton is the traditional “the end is nigh” sign holder and town crier. Supergirl swoops in to save him from the pet dragon we met a couple season’s ago before heading back to the DEO as Brainy indicates that their is a world wide earthquake causing widespread panic.

My wife: Is this supposed to feel…

Me: Anxiety provoking?

My wife: Uh…overacted?

It did seem that between Kara, Alex, and Brainy there was a lot of extra emotion being put into the scene in order to show the high stakes of the situation. Thankfully this does not persist for the entire episode.

At this point Harbinger, who is Layla (Diggle’s wife from Arrow) begin appearing and collecting the hero’s from across the multiverse. As an aside, I have to say one of the things I have been most impressed by while watching Batwoman has been the fight scenes. The choreography and the camera work have been great, so I’m not sure why the scene where Harbinger collects Batwoman is the exact opposite.

I have not stayed up on all of the Arrowverse shows for a couple years to the appearance of Oliver’s daughter as a part of the team threw me a little, because I know nothing about her and have no emotional investment in their relationship.

Their are some high water emotional marks in the show with the destruction of Argo, Alex going to Lana for help, and the final scene of the episode (no spoiler here). Overall I’m excited about the trajectory of the event and I’m excited to see what the ramifications are moving forward. Stay tuned for Part Two: Batwoman.