Relationships continue to be the pivotal point for the show. Many of the beats that they have in their everyday relationships mirror the more antagonistic relationships that the heroes face. In addition, much like is that case in many of the Arrowverse shows, lies, for the sake of saving face or not hurting others also prove to be a frustrating theme that the DC showrunners like use.

Alex and Kelly

After the event of last week, Alex expresses frustration and concern with Kelly’s natural instincts to be open and friendly with everyone she meets, especially since they are dealing with a shapeshifter. We see this highlighted early on as we see Kelly giving very personal advice to the hotdog vendor.


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Of course the obvious foreshadowing is that Malefic, uses the form of one of Kelly’s former military comrades (awesome guest appearance by Sean Astin) to get her alone and to use her Q-wave technology to help him regain his powers of inception (mind control). It’s unclear how Malefic, gets the information about who this person is based solely on pictures hanging on her refrigerator.

Brainy and Nia

The theme of openness and communication is a theme in this relationship as Brainy continues to be overtop with his expressions of love for Nia, creating over 100 poems for her. Nia struggles to be open with Brainy about her feelings and needs and Brainy seems unable to read her cues.

J’onn and Malefic

J’onn enlists Nia to help him regain his missing memories using her dream powers. The exercise is successful, but leads to some very painful discoveries that J’onn much confront. This unfortunately is when the Arrowverse tendency for characters to ask others to keep a secret for them comes back. Of course as we’ve seen on other shows, this will most likely lead to some difficulties for both J’onn and Nia.

Kara and Lena

That theme of lies continues to be the center of this relationship. Now as Kara struggles to make up for her transgressions, Lena continues to plot and is now beginning to exploit her relationship with Supergirl, by alluding to needing something that only Supergirl would be able to get for her. In order to get retrieve these items Kara’s values of loyalty and friendship are pit against her values of truth and law.

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With all of this going on they still manage to squeeze in a villain of the week and murder mystery that is left unsolved. This show was quite thick with a number of story lines moving simultaneously. It felt cumbersome and rushed at times and some of the dialogue was a bit too on the nose when it came to offhand comments meant to make characters think about impending choices.