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The Order Season 2 Episode 10 “New World Order, Part 2”

We open to Vera healing herself after Alyssa and Salvador break parley and escape. Vera wants to know how Jack knew Salvador was Midnight. It was because of a quote Alyssa got from Salvador.

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The Order Season 2 Episode 9 “New World Order, Part 1”

We open to Alyssa and Salvador trying to fix Alyssa’s magic. It doesn’t look pleasant.

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The Order Season 2 Episode 8 “Spring Outbreak Part 2”

We open to Kempler running up to the door as blood runs out from beneath. Behind it is Professor Foley’s corpse from what appears to be either a spell gone wrong or someone intentionally killed him. Kempler is still planning to move forward with the vote and tells Gabrielle to get the Knights back to the Order. As prisoners.

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The Order Season 2 Episode 7 “Spring Outbreak Part 1”

We open to Nichole and the Knights trying to summon a demon to save Lilith. The spell is seriously under powered. They don’t have access to the type of spell needed because it was in the stuff that was stolen.

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The Order Season 2 Episode 6 “The Commons Part 2”

We open to exactly where we left off. Alyssa and Jack are trapped in a building at the Son’s compound. Vera is still trying to save parley but Alyssa is not quite herself and Jack is trying to stay alive.

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The Order Season 2 Episode 5 “The Commons Part 1”

We open to Jack and Gabriella’s ethics class and Jack isn’t there. He strolls in a minute later looking more like himself and shocking Gabriella and his teacher as always is absolutely thrilled to see him. Jack is mourning the loss of Lilith. The Grand Magus summoned Jack and Alyssa.

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San Diego Comic-Con 2020 Panel: The Order Season 2

Spoiler Alert If you haven’t seen The Order Season 2 or haven’t made it past my episodes in my articles, the cast and crew talk about and show clips that give away parts of the season.

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The Order Season 2 Episode 4 “Fear Itself, Part 2”

We open to the Knights trying to figure out where everything went because it ALL disappeared. The Order on the other hand is scrambling to get everything back as well as contain the demon. The Grand Magus, Vera, calls for the Knights to be brought in because they need all the practitioners they can get.

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The Order Season 2 Episode 1 “Free Radicals, Part 1”

In the season premier we open to Jack waking up from a nightmare. Gabby knocks him out with powder and tells him what he needs to remember. Alyssa and the Grand Magus are talking and Alyssa asks her about their response to the Knights of St. Christopher. The Grand Magus is unhappy with the questions so they move on to how the knights were able to shape shift. One of the pelts jumps on Diego.

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