Spoiler Alert If you haven’t seen The Order Season 2 or haven’t made it past my episodes in my articles, the cast and crew talk about and show clips that give away parts of the season.

The cast and crew is being interviewed by Morris Chapdelaine who is also the producer. He is joined by Jake Manley (Jack), Adam DiMarco (Randall), Thomas Elms (Hamish), Devery Jacobs (Lilith), Katharine Isabelle (Vera), Louriza Tronco (Gabrielle), Shelly Ericson (executive producer and writer) Dennis Heaton (creator and executive producer), Chad Oakes (executive producer) and Mike Frislev (executive producer). Unfortunately Sarah Grey (Alyssa) was unable to make it.

We start with Shelly and Dennis who are in the same room. They were asked by Morris to describe the creative process. I love that they talk about staring at the wall waiting for inspiration to come. As a writer myself I can all too well attest to the accuracy of this. They find fun writing themselves into a corner. They try to find the biggest emotion end that will cause hate mail. Joking about the hate mail of course!

Next up are the Knights of Saint Christopher. Jake jokes that it was nice to pretend to forget Adam and Thomas. Adam said that Randall is very much like himself without his memories as with them. Thomas says he enjoys looking at the dynamic that keeps the Knights together. Devery points out that they don’t shoot the show in sequence so it she says it is fun trying to figure out what part of the story they are in. Do they remember? Are they pretending? When asked if they like wearing the werewolf costumes, Jake says it is preferable to being a tree which brings a laugh.

Louriza was asked about why she thinks people love Gabrielle. She recalls last year at Comic Con no one really wanting to shake her had because she is “Gabrielle” but thinks that her character has redeemed herself in season two. Katharine (Grand Magus Vera) is like the big sister of the cast and is asked how it was for Vera to loose her magic. She loves being Vera and everything that goes with it as well as her co-workers. Katharine loves too, that people really like Vera.

Chad and Mike were next. They were asked why they brought on Jason Priestley and Ian Ziering. Turns out Vera bring Jason and Ian into the show for an episode by turning Ian into Jason. It threw people through a loop. It was an idea between Dennis, Shelly and Chad. They had some other ideas first but when those fell through, Ian fell into their laps. Mike inputed that they have had relationships with both men for years. Filming with Ian and Jason was a blast. Maybe Cher with guest star as Vera’s mother.

The next segment was about Lilith and Nichole. Devery was great talking about Lilith and how she is romanticly. Starting season one very solitary to having something with Randall. Then they lost their memories and she had that relationship with Nichole. Then the whole love triangle with Randall and Nichole. Devery explained that she saw Lilith as bisexual anyway so it worked for her. They move one to Jack and Alyssa. Unfortunately Sarah was not there to chime in. Jake speaks on the relationship. He explains the thinking behind how he is playing the character in regards to Jack and Alyssa.

The cast and crew are hoping for a third season. They should find out in a few weeks. The Blooper reel is so much fun. Don’t worry I am leaving a link to the video of the panel for you. The link is below:

I hope you enjoyed this as much as I did. Let me know what you think in the comments below. Til next week…