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Letterkenny Season 9 Warning ~ Mature Content

FINALLY! It feels like forever since season 8 came out. I binged this in a few hours but it was so worth it. The wish either the episodes were longer or that there were more of them.

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Letterkenny Bios – Part 3

I am back again with more bios. I hope you have enjoyed my series of bios. I have enjoyed compiling them for you. Without further ado, here we go!

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Letterkenny Bios – Part 2

I hope you likes the Letterkenny Bios Part 1. I decided to bring you part 2 because I love Letterkenny. It’s been fun looking for information on them.

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Letterkenny Bios – Part 1

Short and quick bios on the residents of Letterkenny. Great for any fan.

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Littlekenny: A Little Spinoff Of Letterkenny

So to do this is going to be a little different than my usual Letterkenny reviews. The “episodes” are minutes long. They are also animated.

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Letterkenny Season 8 Review *Warning* Mature Content

Season eight of Letterkenny opens to the TSN Channel talking about the “ship” on the horizon. They even had something remotely nice to say about Letterkenny. Jonesy and Reilly actually are featured on the news segment with Shorsey chirping in the background. Next we pick up where season seven left off. Marie-Fred caught by Wayne cheating. Wayne retreats to his fishing shack for solitude, Puppers, Gus and Bru and a bit of Miss Fire.

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Letterkenny Season 7 Warning: Mature Content!

As a lovely recap of last season, I was treated to a montage of farts. Not only from the Fartbook episode, but the entire season. Wayne, Katy, Squirrelly Dan and Daryl then proceed to decide to do an AG calling cable access television show.

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