If you missed my Letterkenny season 8 review, you can find it here.

FINALLY! It feels like forever since season 8 came out. I binged this in a few hours but it was so worth it. The wish either the episodes were longer or that there were more of them. Want the review? Here we go!

To kick off the season right, Katy spits a black and white, spoken word poem about Dierks. We get to see the highlights of her realizing he was unfaithful. The actual episode starts with everyone gathered after kicking Dierks’s ass in. Some “tough” guys come in to hand the beating back. Watching the Letterkenny crew confusing the piss out of them is such fun! As the ladies chime in on the verbal dance, the US military and Canadian Armed Forces show up. The American leader is a cousin to Katy and Wayne and the Canadian Armed Forces are tight with the US guys. The war was epic! The ladies watched from the sidelines. At the following Buck and Doe, Katy decides she is going scorched Earth. The guys talk about female operatives getting dental Ids by sleeping their way across a country.

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Dary talks to Wayne, Katy, and Dan about Mother Hutchenson’s odd whistle. This prompts an in-depth discussion about angles and sounds of whistles. All four were quite uncomfortable during the said discussion. Later at MoD3an’s, Dan comes in to join Katy, Rosie, Wayne, and Dary, complaining about kids. Stewart and Roald come in next complaining of kids, right before Bonnie shows up complaining of kids also. Coach asks Jonesy and Reilly to join his beer hockey team. Everyone at the bar gathers up the teens and a cringe-worthy intervention session. As Coach would say, “It’s fucking embarrassing”. In the First beer hockey game, as Coach was getting drunk, he was giving some really graphic sex stories about him and his wife Barbara. Not my favorite episode.

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Angie apparently went traveling abroad. They poke a bit of fun at her. Rosie, Bonnie, and Katy hit the town leaving men wounds on their way by. The next day, Katy has three dates in one day. The first guy struck out because of odors. She continues the scorched Earth theme. Yay! Ron and Dax show back up at Mod3an’s talking to Reilly and Jonesy. When asking Glen about Gale, Glen spills the beans about Gale and Dickins. Katy’s second date went nowhere over dental issues. She is right on to her third and final date. Date three for Katy was a bust because of ball scratching. They finally get let in on the Gale/Dickins situation and head over to MoD3an’s.

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Squirrelly Dan goes on a double date with Wayne and Rosie and Ellen. Dan wants to try and have a conversation with Ellen and others at the same time that doesn’t revolve around sex. He gives an advanced warning about it to Wayne and Rosie but here comes Gale. Next, we see them, Rosie, Wayne, Katy, Squirrelly Dan, and Dary decide they are too hungover to cook. While they are too unpretentious to truly want brunch, they are grateful Mod3an’s is starting brunch. Reilly and Jonesy realize they have smashed every smashable girl around. In comes Abbey Goldstein, a Jewish hockey player. He tells them about Jswipe, a Jewish dating app. He’s willing to give the guys a crash course on being Jewish, so they can use Jswipe. It’s his mitzvah. MoD3an’s is filling up quickly.

Dickins, Dary, Dan, and Wayne try to fix Gale’s truck without hearing more than “Truck wouldn’t start up this morning”. Turns out it was the gas cap not on tight enough. We get to see them all tucked in on a cold-weather night. Dary, Wayne, and Katy are playing Monopoly. Rosie, Gale, and Bonnie are playing Scrabble. The Skids are playing video games. Reilly and Jonesy are watching hockey. All of them decide to watch a movie with their respective groups. Later everyone is asleep. Dary eventually talks to Wayne telling him that he likes someone. Katy wakes up. Roald wakes up Stewart. Gale wakes up Bonnie and Rosie by farting to talk about boys. Reilly and Jonesy hit up Bonnie. They both like her. Stewart likes her. Dary likes her. Rosie goes to Wayne. Stewart passes by Bonnie on his way over to her. Reilly and Jonesy show up at Gale’s house and Bonnie is over at Wayne’s house only to find out Dary is fast asleep.

Over at MoD3an’s, Dary, Wayne, and Dan discuss what gay Hooters would before. Ron and Dax chime in on gays and breasts. A restaurant that is akin to Hooters in moving into Letterkenny. Of course, Wayne, Katy, Dary, and Dan are going to be loyal to Gale and Mod3an’s. Stewart is wanting to DJ again. He feels with the new eatery in town he can get a job Djing for them. Bonnie got a job there. They offered Rosie a job. The job interview isn’t going well for Stewart at all. Gale is worried about her bar because her customers are all checking out the breastaurant.

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For the last offering in the season from the Letterkenny crew, they start off with a Letterkenny quip. Then Wayne, Dary, and Squirrelly Dan waaaay over to discuss parking spots. Dary is confused by Wayne’s comment “You gotta wake up pretty early…” Still, on their desire to DJ, Stewart and Roald tell Aly and Bianca about their new DJ endeavor. You won’t believe the name they came up with. Tanis has a new business endeavor. It’s an energy drink called NDN NRG. Everyone tries telling her about it looking like Brodudes. Gale is hosting the debut. Brodudes reps Anik and Shania show up at the debut threatening to rain on Tanis’s parade.

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With the end scene, I am DYING to know what’s next. You need to go check Letterkenny season 9 out. It’s on Hulu now. Let me know your favorite Letterkenny quote in the comments below. Until next week…

Best quotes of season 9~

The entire verbal dance at the diner in the first episode.

“It sounds like We’re going to be young shitheads for a while longer too.”

A collective “Pull your finger out yer ass!”

“I never though about Jim Dickins like that before, but now I fear I’ll never stop.”

“N’Sync with dink”

“I got Professor Trish on speed dial for this hot dates”

Episode titles~

Episode 1~ American Buck and Doe

Episode 2~ Kids With Problems

Episode 3~ Scorched Earth

Episode 4~ Mitzvah

Episode 5~ Sleepover

Episode 6~ Breastaurant

Episode 7~ NDN NRG