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So to do this is going to be a little different than my usual Letterkenny reviews. The “episodes” are minutes long. They are also animated. Some of the episodes are like the openings to Letterkenny where Wayne and Daryl (mostly Wayne) will talk about something in the barn or pasture or wherever he wants. This is just with more kid-like issues. The episodes that have more of a story to them are still very much like the adult version just with a kid’s voice. There are only 6 episodes. Half are four minutes long and the rest are three.

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We do get to see how Wayne, Dary, and Dan become friends in elementary school. Dary actually sticks up for Katy against some bullies after she is farted on when Wayne wasn’t present to do so. As Dary is about to get beat up Wayne steps in. Dan comes in later as the new kid. Wayne and Dary stick up for Dan against the two bullies that farted on Katy.

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I really am not sure if I like this. They are kind of cute and somewhat funny. However just as I am getting into it, the episode is done. I thought the process of watching the season would take a little while to get through which is why I took til now to do this review. A fact for which I apologize for. This took no time at all. Wayne doesn’t cuss as much in this incarnation of Letterkenny but he still says the F-bomb. Not that cussing is a deal-breaker for me. I cuss like a sailor in everyday life. I just think if it’s going to be a kid thing especially at the ages they are at, they should do the little kid cussing. Call me weird if you want. Overall it was cute. It is definitely something to check out.

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Episode 1- Littlekenny Problem #1

Episode 2- Daryl

Episode 3- Littlekenny Problems #2

Episode 4- Daryl’s First Super Soft Birthday

Episode 5- Littlekenny Problems #3

Episode 6- Daniel