Warning: Letterkenny deals with Mature content topics.

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If you’re like me, you have been waiting and waiting for Season 10 of Letterkenny. I devoured it again in a couple of hours. If you are a big fan of Letterkenny, you can watch it on Hulu now! Unfortunately, there are only six episodes which sucks. I would love more episodes in a season. It is hysterical, though. The Dyck’s return for an episode this season, and it is as good as you think. It is my favorite episode.

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The season opens with their views on different pop-culture tidbits. Then we get a recap on what happened last, starting with the reveal of 2Cock Chakur. Next, we see the reveal of NDN NRG and the taking of the Championship from Tanis. Then Anik reveals that she and Dierk are now together. Finally, Marie Fred shows up. Dan, Dary, Wayne, Joint Boy, Tyson, Jonesy, and Reilly talk about fights and fight etiquette. Dickens joins and tells the tale of the fight between Dierk’s side and Katy’s. Gale was trying to throw everyone out of the bar. Dary and Dan wanted to kick Dierk’s ass. Dierk, being the smart guy he is, was brought back up. Remember the episode last season in the diner where the fight broke out? Those guys are back. He doesn’t want to talk this time. Just get to the donny. The fight breaks out when Wayne walks in. Dierk manages to dodge the fight so far but gets his from Wayne in the end. NDN NRG and Brodude collaborated to make a new product Godude. Katy and Rosie are the models for today only. The launch party is in Mod3an’s. To recap, Anik is the Brodudes spokesmodel, and NDN NRG has a spokesmodel. They collabed and now have Godudes, and Katy and Rosie are the spokesmodels. 2Cocks is live entertainment. Joint Boy and Tyson are the male models. Launch party at Mod3an’s.

Katy and Wayne knock on the houses of Dan’s second cousin and Daryl’s second cousin. They discuss who has the bigger hick house. The places sound like they need to be torn down. Dary’s second cousins have the biggest hick house. After Katy won, Squirrelly Dan and Dary continued to hick off. Wayne is off to help Marie Fred trade in her truck to get a new one from the dealership. Unfortunately, they don’t like dealing with French-speaking Canadians. There is a Ceaser-making contest at Mod3an’s today. Dary, Dan, Rosie, and Katy are all excited to participate. Wayne, bring McMurry. Wayne and McMurray get the specifics about the truck and prepare to fight. Dickens is one of the judges for the Caesar off. Anik is the ref. The teams are Stewart and Roald make one team. Squirrelly, Dan, Dary, and Katy make another. Bonnie, Rosie, and Gale make another team. Reilly and Jonesy make up the last one. The salesperson is a complete bitch. She is full of disdain and a bad attitude. She is trying to be a hard nose and just looks like a . Dan and Daryl are still having a hick off. Each of the teams is making their presentations. So far, the Skids have the best one. Wayne is driving his points pretty well. McMurray does his usual mansplaining. The dealer digs at him every chance she gets. Finally, they get to price. The asking is thirty-two something. McMurray says twenty-nine five out the door. Marie- Fred stands up and says she will pay twenty-nine five out the door, in cash. This shining example of a Karen tried to banter higher, and Marie- Fred plays back the dealer what she said about drunk driving French Canadians. Marie-Fred wins. The Caesar contest was a four-way tie.

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Darry and Dan are having a spat in front of Wayne. When Wayne finally asks what the spat is about, they tell him it is Katy’s tarts. You know how protective of Katy Wayne is, even from his friends. Of course, Wayne started to get mad at the way Dan and Darry were going on. Then he was on Dary’s side because Dan didn’t share the last tart with Dary. In the end, Dary gets half a tart from Katy. As the guys are sitting in front of the fruit stand, Noah Dyck comes over. It always makes for a good episode when a Dyck is involved. Noah wants to invite the guys over to a sausage party. Noah wants to share his Dyck meat with them. I love episodes with the Dycks. The puns and jokes are absolutely horrible, but it makes us laugh. I just shake my head through this episode. The sausage party is for men only, and Noah is so excited. Noah can’t remotely tell time by the sun, that’s for sure. Reilly and Jonesy play video games with Roald and Stewart and beat the crap out of the wall because they lost. Noah speaks, I think, German as he serves his sausages. I don’t know that I could eat sausages with Noah. Squirrelly, Dan, and Wayne make Noah laugh so hard he hits the ground. He laughs so hard he starts farting, which is absolutely hysterical. As for dessert, they got Dyck suckers. They are maple lollipops shaped like maple leaves.

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Wayne is still drunk from the night before at the Caesar contest. He is so much more relaxed but easy to rile up when he is drunk. They go from talking about drinking to making fun of people from New Brunswick and the way they say loonie. Today Wayne has an appointment with the new doctor in town to open a new file. Who is the receptionist at the doctor? None other than Glen. He is still trying to get Wayne’s interest. Wayne also runs into Coach, who has a whole new look. I mean, he is wearing a tracksuit and has shed a whole lot of weight. Now Coach is one of those guys who won’t shut up about being at the gym. He looks good, though. Tyson also walks and is up first. This doctor insists on a prostate exam. The doctor tells Tyson there is a prostate exam with all new files opened. He seems too interested in giving one. Tyson starts to leave in a hurry but warns Coach and Wayne. Wayne and Coach very quickly have important places to be. Wayne goes home and talks to Dary about it. Dary confirms what Tyson says but never actually got the exam. Wayne ends up going back with Dary in tow. Coach is back too. The three discuss why they don’t want the exam. Tyson shows up too. Holy crap, Tanis is there too. Tanis calls them pussies because they are scared of their prostate exam. They then explain a pap smear while using Dary as the “patient.” It certainly made the boys willing to do it if for no other reason than not to be outdone.

Oh Jesus. They made an episode about Tik Tok called VidVok. It opens with the McMurray’s trying to turn Gale on and make a wager. If Gale wins the McMurray’s, buy Gale a case of beer. If the McMurray’s win, Gale gets a case of beer from them. The guy in the blue shirt behind them watched and listened intently to the story. Tanis needs help from Wayne. You know how Wayne feels about being asked for help. When a friend asks for help, you help. She needs him to open and close the rink for a little while. She can do everything in the middle. The gals initially with Brodudes then went with 2Cock Shakur is now with Jonesy and Reilly and them pulsing their butt cheeks on VidVok. Shoresy is at the rink practicing. When Wayne walks out, Shoresy and two French Canadian hockey team guys. Wayne stands back, but it backs the guys off. Wayne and Shoresy don’t speak at all. The Skids come up with a new tactic to get views. Their idea? Creative ways to do sneef. Oy vey. Why? Going into work, Wayne spies the French Canadians’ truck. There is more this time. Wayne comes out with backup and helps Shoresy kick their asses. Man, Stewart is pissed when they find out they are banned from VidVok, and Reilly and Jonesy are blowing up. The Skids got banned because of their antics. Katy even reads them the riot act.

Alexander Rides up on his bike and informs the guys that his grump brother and his twat fiancee made him the best man. They are doing a steak dinner for the buck and doe. The guys complain about the offerings. Katy walks up to the store to see a woman dancing. She was ok. I wasn’t overly impressed. She is helping the Skids with dancing. When Katy walks up, the guys are sauced. She calls Wayne Wade. When Dary calls Wayne Wade, he calls him Gary. Then we have Sadie and Don. They want help because Sundays are for picking stones. Sadie drives the guys around to ask for help. Stewart declares war on Jonesy and Reilly. Katy’s first stop is the McMurrays’. They can’t help because Sadie, Wade, Don, and Gary don’t know their names. The girls layout to Reilly and Jonesy why they are with them. Just to make that money. Plus, they like their buts. Next, Sadie and the guys ask Coach and Tyson for help picking stones. They have another 8k to ride before sundown, so they can’t help. Stewart gets pissy over Reilly and Jonesy’s videos. The dance girl and Roald dance. Roald doesn’t do too bad for a beginner. The gals that were with 2Cock and then with Reilly and Jonesy now took the dance girl away from Stewart. Sadie pulls up on Reilly, Jonesy, and the Skids. When beer was known to be part of the skids, everyone jumped on board, so they finally got help picking stones.

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I don’t ever get tired of watching Letterkenny. I actually watch it quite often, and the quotes ring through the air at my house frequently. My oldest and my youngest don’t particularly care for the show, but my middle hellion is sitting next to me, helping me pick out all the best quotes for you. So what did you think of this season? Watching a season of Letterkenny is like watching a two-hour show broken down into smaller bits. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below. Until next time!

Best Quotes of Season 10

They say that sex sells, but it must be sold out because I can’t find a lick of it on Kijiji

Are you guys going to hick off in front of each other right here, right now?

Can’t see a Ceaser and not wanna sieze’r!

You haven’t lived until you’ve had Dyck meat in your mouth.

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What a treat it was to watch my daughters eat my load despite its early completion.

* after explaining a pap smear * Now think about that the next time you want to cry about a finger up your ass for a few seconds.

Episode List

Episode 1~ King of Suckers

Episode 2~ Dealership

Episode 3~ Dyck Meat (favorite episode)

Episode 4~ Prostate

Episode 5~ VidVok

Episode 6~ Sundays are for Picking Stones