Did you miss my last trivia game with the Sandman? You can find it here.

Hi, my friends. I am back with more trivia. I am loving this series. How about you? Today’s trivia is about Letterkenny. Letterkenny is a Canadian show that you can find on Hulu. It stars Jared Keeso as Wayne, Michelle Mylett as Katy, K. Trevor Wilson, and Nathan Dales as Dary. The show itself is about life in Letterkenny and is a ton of fun. The show is full of antics. The only thing is I wish the episodes were longer, but that’s because they are so good. The show is absolutely hysterical. If you haven’t watched it, go check it out. You won’t regret it.

On to today’s challenge: Letterkenny trivia. Those of you who have watched before, let me know how you did when you are done. I would love to know. You ready? Got a way to keep track of your answers? Let’s get into it.

1 Where is Letterkenny filmed?

2 Where did Letterkenny get its start?

3 True or False~ There are three spin-off shows from Letterkenny.

4 What does 10-ply mean in Letterkenny?

5 What are the groups regularly featured in the show?

6 When the hockey players are throwing insults, what is it called?

7 What are Jonesy and Reilly always trying to get at the gym?

8 Who are the local Mennonites?

9 Who are Wayne’s love interests?

10 What is the “Native flu”?

Source The Teal Mango

11 When Wayne yells, “Pitter-patter!” what is he telling you to do?

12 What does Wayne often ask Dary if he is made of?

13 Who is Dary and Squirrelly Dan attracted to? Hint: They make a point to say her name. Bonus points if you know who she wants.

14 Who’s birthday was super soft?

15 Who has expressed interest in “having fun” with Wayne?

16 What bird is beloved by the Hcks?

17 What group do Stewart and Roald belong to?

18 Who is the heart of the main cast?

19 Who is Katy romanticly connected to?

20 Finish the exchange: “That’s what I appreciates about you, Miss Katy”. “_______”

Source IMDB

Ok, now it’s time to check your answers. How many face palms do you think you will have?

1 Sudbury, Ontario, Canada. The town of Letterkenny is fictional, so there is, unfortunately, nowhere to go check out like Forks for Twilight.

2 On YouTube. It was a series called Letterkenny Problems

3 False. There are two, Shoresy and Littlekenny. The latter of the two is a cartoon.

4 A soft person, generally speaking of men. They lack any toughness and are five times as soft as 2-ply toilet paper, making even Charmin feel rough.

5 Hicks, Hockey Players, Natives, Skids, and Degens are regularly featured in the show.

6 It’s called chirping. Shorsey is a master at it, often besting Reilly and Jonesy by talking trash about their mothers.

7 Gains and Snipes. Ron and Dax are often there but are looking at the guys. Jonesy and Reilly have had a bet with Ron and Dax on who could take down the most people before.

8 The Dycks. Noah and Anita Dyck are the parents one time. Charity Dyck and Chasity Dyck are the daughters.

9 Angie is his ex. Then Wayne and Rosie. Next is Tanis. After that, he was with Marie-Fred. When Marie-Fred cheated on him, and Rosie came back, they picked up where they left off.

10 When teams or players fake being sick so they don’t have to play against the Natives.

11 Hurry up. Let’s get at ‘er means the same thing.

12 Spare parts “You’re made of spare parts, aren’t ya bud?”

13 Bonnie McMurray. She wants Wayne.

14 Dary’s. Wayne and Katy had so much fun throwing the super soft birthday party for Dary because they didn’t get birthday parties as kids.

Source TVOvermind

15 That would be Gail, who would have anything with a pulse, Bonnie, Glen, and sometimes Roald. Plus, obviously, Angie, Tanis, Marie-Fred, and Rosie.

16 The Canadian goose. They have been known to describe them as majestic creatures.

17 The Skids. They have had rivalries with the Hicks, Glen, and everyone in general. They do help people but usually for a price.

18 Wayne, Katy, Dary, and Squirrelly Dan are who the show center around.

19 She is with Reilly and Jonesy at the same time. She is also with Stewart and the two models, Shep and Kingsley. Holy crap, were they annoying. She had sex with Mrs. McMurry in the bathroom. Then she was with Dierks. She also wants Bonnie McMurray.

20 “Is that what you appreciate about me?” A regular thing between Dan and Katy.

How did you do? I would love to know, so let me know in the comments below. I might have to do a part two. I was having a hard time picking and choosing which questions to pose, and there is still a lot more. Do you want a part two? Let me know that and who else you would like to see in the comments below. Until next time, have fun storming the castle!