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Letterkenny is one of my favorite shows to binge. It is sooooo funny and ridiculous. It is a Canadian show that follows the Hicks, Skids, Hockey Players, and the Natives. They make everything a huge deal, like chips. You’ll see it in the first episode. After that, there is fighting, closeness, laughter, good points, ridiculous drama, not to mention unforgettable characters.

Season 11 aired on Hulu on December 26th, 2022. The season is only six episodes long, like all the other seasons. However, the episodes are still less than thirty minutes. It hurts to say this, but I wasn’t as impressed with this season. It just wasn’t as funny as in prior seasons.

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As I said earlier, they make big deals out of nothing. The first episode is about chips. They go to the church or Ag building and have a big fishbowl discussion about chips and which is the best flavor. Dary, Wayne, Katy, Squirrly Dan, and I think Rosie all have to get some air because they all get fired up over the discussion. Gail leads the discussion. While this is happening, Jonesy and Reilly try to figure out if Glen is gay. He has all kinds of gay, male porn stars as “fitsbo” (fitness inspiration). They don’t ask outright but well enough that you know what is being asked. Ron and Dax are giving him loads of attention.

Next, there is a theft of the bake sale money after a deep conversation about acting that gives Dary, Wayne, and Dan hiccups. Glen calls everyone to the church, and Tanis, Gail, Rosie, Katy, and Coach show up. While they sit there trying to figure it out and Stewart shows up with Roald in tow, of course. In the show that is over dramatic, Stewart is entirely over the top. It’s great. Wayne couldn’t make it because he was waiting for a furniture delivery for Katy. Squirrelly Dan waits with him. They give the delivery guys hell because they showed up 48 minutes late.

Soon after, Tibadu’s dog goes missing. Stewart and Roald come to gossip about it. Glen is going to find the dog. Wayne, Rosie, and Katy decide to help out. Stewart and Roald decide they will consult a psychic. Dan happens to know a gal and takes the Skids to her. Reilly and Jonesy had a date lined up with some snipes (pretty women) and think they got stood up. The women show up just as it is time for beer league. The girls are pissed to get ditched when it was their own fault. As revenge, they show up to beer league to “cheer on” the guys. Shoresy shows up as the ref for the game. Yay! We also get to see the Dycks!

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Next, Katy and Rosie get fired up over a guy showing pictures of a naked Gail to other people. Wayne tries to say boys will be boys, but Katy isn’t having it. The girls decide to confront whoever leaked the photo, so they try to find out who did it, and Bonnie joins in. Next, Stewart and Roald have “heat” on their names from selling rips. So they decide to have someone sell rips for them for a hiked-up charge. Goldstein is the person they choose, and they strike a deal. Goldstein sells the rips, and he gets free weed.

Jivin’ Pete shows up at Wayne and Katy’s house. He decided to apologize to everyone for his prior actions. He needs a job, and Wayne says he will call him if he needs something. Outside, Katy sees a woman taking pictures of a couple in front of her house. She asks Katy to see her barn offering $50. For another $50, Katy allows her to do a photo shoot. When she goes to the bar and tells her friends, the McMurray’sand Dickens decide they want in on the business of offering their places to influencers to come to take photos. This is a horrible idea. Even the Dycks get in on it. In the hockey rink, Mary-Anne and Lucy-Anne are going to be coaches for the women’s hockey team. They learn they are co-coaching with Coach. Oy vey. I thought he finally got away from it. I actually thought they were bringing in Reilly and Jonesy.

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Finally, Wayne, Squirrelly Dan, and Dary start with an in-depth discussion of the best dart (cigarette) they ever had. Wayne ended up giving Pete a job, and he has been late every day, and Wayne is trying to be patient. Katy comes down in her new Doc Martens. The new discussion is about being “that guy”. ”Katy feels she isn’t being “that guy”,” she just to be known for wearing Docs. Is that a thing? Loads of people wear Docs. Is it less common in Canada? Wayne ends up telling Pete to take some time to get it together and then come back, and Pete is pissed. He starts bad-mouthing Wayne around town. Reilly wants to have a birthday party at Mod3an’s.

It was an interesting season. As I said, I wasn’t impressed with this season as I have been with seasons in the past. I really wish I could have seen the aftermath of the beatdown Dierks got after cheating on Katy. Did you watch the new season? What are your thoughts? Let me know in the comments below. Until next time, have fun storming the castle!