I have been thinking and thinking, a scary idea I know, what can I do for Letterkenny? My daughter is a huge fan so I asked her. She had nothing. Then it came to me! Short and quick bios on the residents of Letterkenny. Great for any fan. I know I was eager to find out so I am passing that on to you. This is a three-part series. Let’s get to it…

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Character: Wayne

Played by: Jared Keeso


Physical traits Gender/Eyes/Hair: Male/Blue/Brown

Clique: Hicks

Relationship status: Single

Claim to fame: Toughest guy in Letterkenny

Very stiff in both posture and formality, Wayne is very protective of his little sister Katy (even from Dan), his friends, and his community. He even goes so far as to come to Stewart’s defense. He always wears jeans and flannels. Has been romantically linked to Angie, Tanis, Rosie, and Marie-Fred.

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Character: Daryl

Played by: Nathan Dales

Nickname: Darry

Physical traits Gender/Eyes/Hair: Male/Blue/Dirty Blonde

Clique: Hicks

Relationship status: Single

Claim to fame: Instagram famous ex-girlfriend

Darry is a sensitive, quick-witted guy that at times is a little slow on the uptake. Wayne and Dan are his best friends. He often plays off of Wayne to deliver scathing remarks. He is always wearing either his work coveralls or jeans and a button-up. He regularly causes Wayne to utter “I wish you weren’t so awkward bud”. Romantically linked to Anik.

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Character: Dan

Played by: K. Trevor Wilson

Nickname: Squirrely Dan

Physical traits Gender/Eyes/Hair: Male/Brown/Brown

Clique: Hicks

Relationship status: Single

Claim to fame: Getting tazed in the nipple by the Federales

Dan is a scholarly man who loves his Miss. Trisha. He can even fart on command. He always has Wayne’s back even though Wayne often tells him to behave where his sister is concerned. He is regularly seen in denim overall and a white and red trucker hat. Romantically linked to Lovina Dyck.

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Character: Kathryn

Played by: Michelle Mylett

Nickname: Katy or Katy Kat

Physical traits Gender/Eyes/Hair: Female/Hazel/Brown

Clique: Hicks

Relationship status: Single

Claim to fame: Won the Letterkenny Adult Spelling Bee 9 years in a row

Katy is a beautiful woman who gets a lot respect in her community. She went off to be a model at one point but came back because even a monkey can do it. She tends to wear revealing clothes which Wayne finds unfortunate. She has been romantically linked to Reilly, Jonesy, Stewart, and Dierk.

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Character: Stewart

Played by: Tyler Johnston


Physical traits Gender/Eyes/Hair: Male/Blue/Black

Clique: Skids

Relationship status: Single

Claim to fame: Leader of the Skids; Cousin to James and Hudson Bay

For being on meth most of the time, he is a very electronically gifted. He and Devon got a Fartbook app up and ready in 24 hours. He did throw the most wildly disappointing rave in Letterkenny. He tends to feel like the most lost person in Letterkenny. He has been romantically linked to Katy, Gae, and Roald.

So there is a quick look at five of the residents of Letterkenny. Part 2 will have 5 more! Who are you hoping to see? Let me know in the comments below. Til next week…