If you want to know more about Letterkenny, you can find seasons one through eight on TGON. Here is season one to start you.

Yeah, so Letterkenny is one of my favorite shows. It is a Canadian show starring Jared Keeso as Wayne and Shoresy, Nathan Dales as Daryl, Michelle Mylett as Katy, and K. Trevor Wilson as Squirrely Dan. I also love Stewart (Tyler Johnston) and Roald (Evan Stern). It is absolutely hysterical. The way the characters interact. There are the rednecks, the skids, d-gens, the Natives, and the hockey players. At the end of season eight of Letterkenny, Shoresy left Letterkenny to go to Sudbury.

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Yeah, so, Shoresy picks up after Shoresy moved but established. Just in case you never met Shoresy in Letterkenny, he is so fouled-mouthed that he would make my dad, who is New York-raised, retired Marine blush. That is hard to do. He constantly takes down mothers and tortures their kids by telling them how much the moms are hounding him. He shits before every game and in between each period. Fighting is something he is really good at. Generally, he’s an asshole on and off the ice.

Yeah, so it is pretty much the same in Sudbury, just new people. In Shoresy, we meet Nat (Tasya Teles), Sanguinet (Harlan Blayne Kywayhat), Ziig (Blair Lamora), Miig (Keilani Elizabeth Rose), Dolo (Jonathan-Ismael Diably), Hitch (Terry Ryan), JJ (Max Bouffard), and Goody (Andrew Antsanen). The basis of season one (is there going to be a season two?) is that Nat, the GM of the team, Sudbury Bulldogs, is losing and about to fold. Shoresy is desperate to save the team. Michaels got fired as coach, and Shoresy nominated Sanguinet as the new Coach. They then brought in Dolo, JJ, Goody, and Hitch to save the team and get bums in seats. They are great at fighting and do it at the drop of a hat. Shoresy also makes the promise they will never lose again. The weird thing about JJ and Shoresy, in Letterkenny, they had beef. Shoresy took JJ out in a game. I don’t mean on a date. And now he is here helping Shoresy out.

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Yeah, so, having decided not to fold, Nat had to agree to a name change to get money to continue playing. Shoresy lost his mind when he found out they were now the Sudbury Blueberry Bulldogs. He gets so much shit for the new team name. They have four games left before the playoffs, so they can’t lose, or the team folds. The b’ys quickly show their worth in fights. They have help on the ice from Jim, Jim, and Jim. I was shocked when they won their first game. They do have a love of sticks. That’s Drumsticks, you pervert, like the ice cream. They barely won the second game, and that is only because Nat, Miig, and Ziig pleaded their case to get the win. Dolo, Hitch, JJ, Goody, and Sanguinet show up super late to the second game. Shoresy went on the knee to the ice at the beginning of the game, the only one on the ice, and a fight ensued. That is when the rest of the team showed up. Michaels is back on the team, so there is a good time for Shoresy.

Yeah, so they stomped all over game three. They are putting bums in seats with all the fighting on the ice. Shoresy has a weird flirting thing going on with sports writer Laura (Camille Sullivan). It is actually pretty cute and weirdly satisfying. We get to have a look into the life of Shoresy and growing up with a foster dad and foster siblings. It becomes very apparent why Shoresy is the way he is. But we also get to see that he doesn’t say all the stuff he does out of malice. Depending on the person, he does it out of, dare I say, love?

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Yeah, so I am sad to say they lost game four. They really had come together as a team. They have backed each other up, learned to play nice with each other, and hell kinda became friends. JJ got caught cheating on his girlfriend and ran back to Quebec to chase her. The girlfriend. Without JJ, they were no match for the Soo. The Soo are so good. Nat is torn. They have gotten bums in seats. People are coming back to watch games. Does she do what she said? Does the team fold because they lost? Or do they give people what they want and not fold. Shoresy was talking about the playoffs. Does this mean season two?

Yeah, so, my opinion? The show is ok. It’s no Letterkenny. If you are expecting Letterkenny 2.0, it’s not that. Shoresy and JJ are the only two pieces from Letterkenny. I missed everyone else. I kept waiting for Wayne or Jonesy or Riley to show up. I missed everyone. To be fair, the core group here is great. They work well together except for JJ. His character is very flat. Overall, should you watch this show? Yeah. It’s not bad at all. The barbs are sharp, and the antics are jaw-dropping. Totally worth a watch. Until next time, have fun storming the castle!