Archie Saving The City

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Archie has made it his mission to restore Riverdale after returning home from the army. Hiram’s decision to get rid of the Fire Department has put the city in a vulnerable state. Even though Archie and Veronica spent years apart, they still have one thing in common. They both enjoy taking down Hiram Lodge. Archie was able to start a voluntary fire department with his student and buddy from the army. Veronica decided to stimulate the economy by printing riverdollars, which can be used at any establishment in town. Her new currency was successful, but Hiram is always one step ahead of the game. Hiram Lodge doesn’t stop until he gets what he wants.

Choni and The Vixens

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The original HBIC made her return to Riverdale High in the middle of cheer practice. As much as I love Cheryl and Toni, this scene was filled with uncomfortable tension. It later lightened up once Cheryl challenged Toni to a cheer-off for the coaching position. A sweet vixen danced for Toni since she is pregnant. The vixen tore up the floor, but so did Cheryl. I will say that little twerk she did was hilarious. The two agreed to share the vixens, but I’m not sure how long this will last. Cheryl can be controlling, but Toni makes her a better person. Hopefully, there are still some flames there. Even if they never get back to a romantic place in their relationship, they are still great friends to each other.

The Strange Night

Pop is finally retired, but he still pays the famous dinner a visit. During this episode, pop told the story of the night when strange things occurred in the diner to Jughead and Tabitha. Oddly enough the other witness was Nana Rose. When Jughead and Tabitha asked about the details of that night, Nana Rose revealed that she kept a special souvenir. Nana Rose managed to deliver the corpse of a odd creature in a barrel of maple syrup to Jughead and Tabitha. Moments later, Jughead and Tabitha experienced the same strange events that occurred several years ago. I’m curious to see what kind of creatures are roaming Riverdale now.

Rating: 3/5

So far, I’m loving how each character has transitioned into adulthood with new storylines. I wasn’t surprised at how dedicated Archie was reforming Riverdale. My favorite scene from this episode was when he rescued the homeless man from a burning building. It’s good to see him and Veronica working together, I just believe the beef between them and Hiram is beyond expired. I would love to see Veronica face more realistic conflict outside of Archie and her father. Seeing Betty solving mystery murders without Jughead is still very new to me. I’m willing to give the duo of Jughead and Tabitha a chance. I gave this episode a lower rating because I’m sick of the stale storyline. There should be an evolution in storylines since the characters are older. I hope these following episodes will be a little more exciting.

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