The Year Of Mr.Honey


Mr. Honey became the villain of Riverdale High by enforcing cruel rules, disciplining students harshly, and threatening to take away high school activities. From the day he became the new principal of Riverdale he has reigned like he’s Darth Vader. In a way, he also reminds me of Principal Krupp from the Captain Underpants book series. Unfortunately, he started off this episode by getting on Betty’s bad side by not giving Riverdale High a yearbook because she was one day late. He then announced that everyone in their social group was banned from prom except for Jughead and Archie. 

              While the others were focused on prom, Jughead was focused on what writing piece he was going to submit to the University Of Iowa. Betty’s dark motive to kill Mr.Honey inspired him to write a fiction story about actually killing Mr.Honey. In the beginning, I thought that they were really going to kill Mr.Honey until Jughead started narrating everything. Outside of Jughead’s story, the group of friends decided to cause mischief by doing a cliched glue the teacher to the chair prank. Because of this Mr.Honey decided to cancel prom for everyone.

         I laughed when the teens became exhausted with trying to get prom back and had to cry to their parents for help. Even though they cornered Mr.Honey it still didn’t stop him from trying to take prom away. I thought it was ironic how he kept saying that he was just trying to protect them. I couldn’t understand how canceling prom was going to protect them unless he knew who was behind the surveillance tapes. I suspected that he knew who was behind the reenacting snuff films because of his reaction when the scarlet suite was invaded by the F.B.I.  After making his own snuff video of the school, he was released from his position as the school Principal. The Riverdale High students thought that they won, but they’ve just dug themselves in a deeper hole.

       Even though they didn’t see Mr.Honey’s intentions, Ms. Bo did. She claimed that he was the best principal the school has ever had. She brought up some good points like the fact that no students died on his watch. After his release, he was hired as the headmaster of Stonewall prep. I was surprised that he would even accept the job after the scandals that the school was involved in. I began to believe that he accepted the job because he wanted to get back at the students, but a softer version of Mr.Honey came out. Jughead wasn’t expecting his recommendation letter to be so thoughtful. He eventually felt so bad about what he wrote and had to change the ending, but by that time the ending had already come true. Betty and Jughead were invited to the cottage that Hermoine had her affair. Inside was a tape of people dressed as the group of friends in stonewall prep uniforms stabbing Mr.Honey.

       I enjoyed watching Jughead’s story come to life in this episode. The way the cast reacted to his death seemed so real and now it is. This season was enjoyable for the most part,  but I didn’t care for the repetitiveness of the same feuds. I loved that they switched up the plots and gave us something to look forward to in the next season. I’m going to predict that culprit behind these tapes are is someone in their inner circle or a vengeful stonewall prep student. Whoever it is, I’m sure they want the teens behind bars before they could even make it across the stage. Hopefully, the next season is the last because I can’t see this show going on like Pretty Little Liars. We need the last season to have healthy closure.

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