So far this season, Riverdale’s return to television has been tear-jerking due to the loss of Luke Perry, also known as Fred Andrews. Now that our angel has been called home, the group of friends must continue to get through their last year of high school. One thing is for certain though, Fred will always live in Archie. In this episode, the cast prepared for the first day of their senior year. I expect it to be abnormal because that’s just how Riverdale is. Nothing is normal.

        The Press

At the end of Season 3 Veronica successfully took down her father with the help of the F.B.I, but Hiram retaliated by also getting Hermoine arrested for attempted murder. Now Veronica’s only parental figure is Smithers who is a long-time family servant. Which really means that Veronica has no real parental supervision. I’m sure that she will feel that void later on in this season because it is prom and graduation season. Instead of being able to look forward to those things, she has to look forward to a court date and the press roaming the school halls for a scandalous scoop. The press consistently followed her for a statement, so she decided to make a bold one by invited them to La Bonne Nuite where she performed and announced that she will stand for herself. Veronica decided to not testify against neither of her parents, but if she doesn’t what does it mean for the future of her parents? More importantly, what does it mean for her? Regardless of her consistent means to belove and disown her family, deep down inside she still wants them by her side. Even if she disowns the last name, she will always be a Lodge.

      Madd Dog Goes To School

Archie is slowly healing from the loss of his father and has inspired madd dog to go back to school. I thought this was a great idea since he has gotten used to the life he had in jail. Maybe if he gets used to Riverdale high, he will have an ideal direction of where his life could possibly go. He is athletically gifted, intelligent, and a brother to Archie. I had no doubt in my mind that he would do well. The only problem is that Reggie has been dragged by his father for not being the “best” at football. With madd dog showcasing his skills, which is way better than Reggies’s the pressure has gotten worse. Since he couldn’t stand up to his father he picked a bone with madd dog. I feel like there is always room for everyone to shine, it’s a matter of working together. If they come together they will all be able to receive scholarships for school. I’m interested to see if Archie’s perspective has shifted on that subject later on in the season.

We also saw Jughead get recruited by an instructor at an art school that will help elevate his writing. Of course, Jughead turned his head at the offer because he feels like Riverdale High is his home and he wants to be with Betty. Although Jughead turned the instructor down, he was able to get through to F.P. He insisted that Jughead must at least get a tour of the school before he turns down an opportunity like that. When Jughead did take the instructor upon his offer, he actually grew to like the place. I’m a literary lover also, so I can relate to that comfort that Jughead feels from being surrounded by people with the same interest as him. I can see in Betty’s eyes that losing Jughead would hurt, but she is willing to let him go to another school to live a better life and if their love is real, they will overcome any obstacles that could come.

Queen Bee Vs. Honey

Since Principal Wetherbee has followed the ways of the farm which is out of town, there is a new sheriff in town and his name is Principal Honey. Honey is sweet, but this man is bitter. He is disrespectful, cruel, and vial. Most importantly, he doesn’t believe in fun. He canceled the back to school dance which infuriated Choni who made plans to make their senior year grand. She didn’t surrender to him though, instead, she planned a back to school party at her home which was still shut down at the hands of Principal Honey. You have to be bored and miserable to go out of your way to end a party that’s not at school. At this point, think Hiram would’ve made a better school principal than this guy. I believe that Cheryl could run this guy out of town if he keeps it up.

Searching For The Farm

After the farm left Kevin behind, he began to reconcile with Betty. Betty knows that he is only trying to get back in her good graces because he is lonely, so she decided to use that as a lead way into finding the farm. With the help of Charles, they manipulated Kevin into meeting up with fangs who is with the rest of the farm. I’m curious as to what the two plan to do and how is Alice handling her situation. She played being brainwashed very well if Edgar finds out what she is really up to, her life could be at stake. The last thing Betty needs is to see her mother used for parts like a junked car. I’m not sure if Kevin is fully over being away from the farm, but I do know he is still in love with fangs and that will always mean more than a friendship with Betty.

Rating: 4/5

It’s the second episode so we are still getting into new storylines and building up to the plot twist that ends in Jughead missing, but this episode was great. My favorite scene was watching madd dog showcase his athletic abilities on the field. I also enjoyed Veronica’s performance,  but I’m still a little bitter that Josie and The Pussycats are no more. I didn’t like how Betty played off of Kevins emotions to get information. I don’t think Betty and Charles are good dectetives like Jughead. I hope that Jughead will be able to make a successful writing career without having to leave behind his friends. I’m guessing that it will be the time he will end up missing. Maybe the teacher is in cahoots with Penelope or maybe Penelope just kidnapped him. I have so many theories and questions, but not a lot of patience. I’m constantly teased by these flashbacks of Jughead going missing that I’ve become anxious to know what happened.

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