The Next Mystery

After solving the mystery of his own death, you would’ve thought that Jughead would shift his focus on his future. Instead, he had begun to obsess over the surveillance tapes. At first, the tapes were just hours of the resident’s houses, then someone stared reacting horrific past events to rattle the others. Because Betty was too busy reminiscing about her love for Archie, Jughead had to go to Charles for help. Surprisingly these two make a pretty good duo compared to Betty and Alice. Charles and Jughead think a lot alike, so it made sense that they were able to find the first suspect so quickly. I was surprised to see Ethel Muggs back in dirty business after the farm fiasco and being rehabilitated. So far, we know that she isn’t the one reacting to the disturbing videos, but she did know where to find some of them. I believe whoever is making these videos had to be someone who was close to the group of friends. These people also have to know about their deepest darkest secrets if they were able to capture Jugheads and Jason Blossom’s murder.

The Rum Business Is Dirty

Veronica decided to hit her daddy where it hurts. His pockets. Her decision to extend her Red Raven Rum to the college demographic was smart until The Malloy’s threatened her. Veronica and Hiram sabotage each other so much, that Veronica believed that it was a setup from her father. He warned her that the Malloy’s was no family to play with. She didn’t believe him until he took a beating from one of the guys. She still wasn’t rattled by this, instead she was proud of her father for showing mercy and being the bigger person for once. Hiram Lodge didn’t change, he shot one of the Milloy’s to send a message. By lying to Veronica, she will be oblivious to the war he just started. After this anything can happen, which means someone will more than likely come Hiram’s head. They will all have to watch their backs.

Betty and Archie Sitting In A Tree

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Archie has gotten himself in a pool too deep to come up from. I thought that the kiss they shared was because they were in the moment, but Archie is really in love with Betty. I found this ironic because he told her he would rather be friends in season one. Now, I believe he only said that because Veronica came into the picture. I also thought these feelings were new, but when Betty reminisced about her childhood love for Archie it was revealed that he had feelings for her at a young age. Young Archie proposed to Betty, years later he is writing her a song. Even though Betty decided to burn her diaries to help get rid of her feelings for him, nothing will ever be normal between them again. They claim to love their partners, but if that was true why are these feelings coming out now. Even though Betty called their entanglement off, I believe somehow their secret will come out.

The New Ticklers

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Kevin and Fangs were banking from their online tickling videos so much that they decided to take it to the next level with Reggie involved. Their secret stream of income became open to the bulldogs and vixens. They actually hosted a tickling party where they had a tickle suite. A tickle suite! The problem with this is that Terry and his gang of ticklers weren’t too fond of this. There would’ve been no problem with Kevin moving on to pursue other aspirations, but he lied and became Terry’s competition. Even though Reggie seems to have Kevin’s back, it still doesn’t mean that’s the last of Terry. He managed to get the Bulldogs and Vixens in trouble with Principal Honey, but I don’t think he will stop until he gets the last laugh haha. Get it? because they tickle each other 🙂

Rating: 4.5/5

I really enjoyed Jughead and Charles investigating duo even though it was temporary. I’m also still not too trusting of Charles since he has a relationship with Chic. I’m still interested to see how that relationship will affect Betty. I’m also interested in seeing if Charles is just putting on a “good cop” act to cover up his serial killer tactics. He has become so close with Betty it would be easy to frame her for doing something that he did. I like Charles, but something isn’t right. There also isn’t something right about Principal Honey besides his stick in the mud attitude. I thought it was weird that he was upset about his students making tickling videos, but he wanted to go in the scarlet suite to look at adult videos. He seemed pissed about this and I wonder why considering that Jason’s tape was there. Maybe Principal Honey has a weird fetish and it just so happen to not involve tickling. The only reason why I didn’t give this episode a 5-star rating was because I’m not feeling this Betty and Archie connection. I felt like this story angle should’ve happened in the earlier seasons. It’s just my personal opinion. Its senior year and these two are clinging to childhood memories and items while Jughead and Veronica are acting like real-world adults. Maybe these two do belong together.


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