The season is halfway done, but we still have so many questions and needs. Here’s some loose threads we hope get tied up before season end!



Picture Source: The CW/Netflix

Penelope Blossom’s Secret
Way back in the first episode this season, Cheryl threatens to expose ‘what really happened in that barn with Daddy’ to her mother. Was Clifford’s death not really a suicide after all?

Polly Cooper’s Twins
Polly got hella pregnant, hella fast — and then just… stopped? I can’t imagine Riverdale showrunners want babies on set, so (aside from Polly moving away permanently) how are they going to button this one up?


The Hidden Photographer
Last episode ended up with a secret photographer snapping pics of Archie and Veronica under the mistletoe. Is this kicking off a new mystery altogether?

Dark Betty’s Resurgence
Dark Betty reared her head for a brief moment in Season 1, and then has been heavily alluded to since. Will she take up the mantle as the Black Hood, as the cliffhanger seemed to indicate?

The Missing Cooper
He’s been cast, and he was first mentioned last season as Betty’s long-lost brother. When are we gonna get some Chic action?

The Iconic Triangle
Archie has feelings for Veronica. Archie has feelings for Betty. The classic Archie Comics love triangle is finally coming to a head — who will he pick?

Jughead Jones’s Dark Descent
I swear Juggie gets worse each passing episode. Is he gonna finally turn his life around and rid himself of the Serpents?

The Lodges’ Secret
Hiram and Hermione have finally revealed their big family secret to Ronnie, and she’s uncomfortably on board. So what is it?

The Former Fight
Archie and Jughead were not friends at the start of this season, and the show has never dipped into why. Is that ever going to come up?

The Greendale Drug Deal
These characters were too flat-out weird to be a one-off appearance. How will this come back to bite our pals in the ass?

The Riverdale Lynch Mob
Nana Rose Blossom was in on it, and so was Grandpa Cooper. Are we gonna find more about this?

Reggie + Josie = Rosie
Oh, come on. We all know it’s gonna happen.

Cheryl Blossom’s Jealousy
Speaking of, Cheryl has shown she will go to great lengths to keep men away from her gal pal. Is there more to it than simple jealousy?

The SoDale Project
Just please, for the love of God, wrap this up so I don’t ever have to hear ‘SoDale’ ever again.

Serpent Chemistry
We all know FP and Alice have sexual tension, yo. Is this gonna become a thing? Cause, like, I want it to become a thing.

The Real Black Hood
Let’s face it, that Black Hood reveal was lacking. There’s more here — but what? Will the ‘copycat’ come into play at all?

The Pussycats Disbanded
Will Melody and Valerie ever forgive Josie? Or is this a way to write off minor characters?

The Royal Affair
Sheriff Keller and Mayor McCoy are hooking up. Will this ever be explored deeper, or was it a shock factor twist for one episode?

While this list isn’t comprehensive, we sure hope at least SOME of it is resolved this season. Check out The Game of Nerds for all your fandom and Riverdale fun stuff!