It’s one of those weeks where I’m visiting my non-Neighbours-watching support bubble, so I have only seen up to Thursday. Thankfully I did get to see two grown men wrestling for a chicken-shaped kitchen timer though, so I don’t feel like I’ve missed out. Here’s the round-up!

© Channel 5

Hendrix’s Hotel Hassle

Hendrix is the absolute king of stupidity, which he demonstrated yet again as he broke into Olivia’s hotel room, trashed the place and tried to hack into her computer. Yes, it came from a good place because he was trying to help out Karl and Susan, but I wish he’d just stop and try having a thought all the way to the end before he acts on it. He’s serving a suspended sentence already, so breaking into a hotel room and trying to commit some cyber crime is probably not going to be the best look for him. As it happens, it’s Karl who is the one who gets busted, as he goes to try to stop Hendrix and bundles him into the bathroom just as Terese comes into the room. Terese says she’s going to look the other way, and Olivia appears to have crawled back to her lair for now, but we definitely haven’t heard the last of Hendrix’s hotel antics yet. I’m actually starting to think that Hendrix needs to just stay away from hotel rooms altogether, because he always seems to run into trouble in them. He’s either having a party and trashing a room, or gambling illegally, or trying to do some computer hacking. Why can’t he do what the rest of us do in hotel rooms, which is watch TV and eat snacks in bed?

Wrestling For A Kitchen Timer

We couldn’t let Shane and Dipi leave the street without some sort of bizarre send-off – they are Rebecchis after all. I wasn’t really expecting the weird send-off to involve Shane and Toadie wrestling over a chicken-shaped kitchen timer in the front garden though. It was a nice opportunity for Toad to break out his Lawman getup once again and Shane’s wrestler look proved my as yet infallible theory that all men look at least 50% hotter in eyeliner. I feel wrong for saying that but here we are, you can’t ignore science. The highlight of this was Nell looking like she couldn’t be less interested in watching her dad and uncle act like buffoons.

The Lawman is Back! And Nell couldn’t care less… Photo: © Channel 5. Source: Digital Spy

Chloe and Nicolette Suck at Keeping Things Secret

The living arrangements for number 24 changed so many times in one episode that I got a bit dizzy. Chloe and Nicolette’s secret romance was discovered about twenty minutes after they decided to keep it secret, but they weren’t trying all that hard to keep things under wraps so it wasn’t a huge surprise when they got busted immediately by Jane, Aaron and David. The discovery wasn’t as explosive as I was expecting, with everyone grudgingly admitting that Chloe and Nicolette are fully grown women and can kind of do what they like. Jane still wants to hover around to keep an eye on them though, which is a bit creepy if you ask me. Jane wants to live with Nicolette, but Nicolette wants to live with Chloe, so Chloe asks Jane to move in with them in order to keep everyone happy. Except – call her weird – but Nicolette isn’t really that keen on turning her new romance into a spectator sport by having Jane flap nervously about in the background permanently, so she convinces Clive to ask Jane to move in with him instead. That seems to be on the cards, but then somehow it isn’t again and we’re back to Jane moving into number 24, leaving me a bit unsure about why it’s OK as an idea now when it wasn’t about ten minutes ago. 

Busted! Photo: © Channel 5. Source: Digital Spy

Someone Said ‘Penis’

As part of Dipi’s send-off, she plans a Bollywood dancing lesson for her, Sheila, Mackenzie and Yashvi, but what turns up instead is a bloke in a cape (and not much else) who introduces himself as a penis puppeteer. I never thought I’d hear the word ‘penis’ in Neighbours and I never thought I’d see anyone yelling about windmills while staring at a man’s crotch either, but I suppose they’ve got to make the use of having that PG rating now. Dipi is lucky she didn’t give Sheila a heart attack with all that excitement. 

Hi Clancy, Bye Clancy

Clancy the dog returned just long enough to explain why we’re never going to see him again, as it appears Shane and Dipi have suddenly remembered they have a dog and they should maybe take him to Sydney with them now they’re moving. I’m not sure why we needed to see that they were taking Clancy with them because we’ve barely seen the poor dog for the last year anyway, and I had either assumed that he’d gone missing or had somehow acquired the ability to turn invisible. It was kind of jarring for him to suddenly appear just to get carted off. But anyway, bye Clancy!

And off to Sydney they went, never to return… Photo: © Channel 5. Source: Digital Spy