The Merge Of Two Realms

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 The unleashing of the Eldritch terrors has shaken up Greendale in many ways thanks to father Blackwood. This massive roach isn’t going anywhere. I thought Prudence finished the job, but I forgot that Blackwood can’t die. While his head is detached from his rotten corpse of a body, Prudence ensured to make him suffer. Poor Judas and Judith are still loyal to their corrupt father, hopefully, Prudence can break through to them so that they can live a more fulfilling life as children. I feel like Blackwood has filled their head with his personal vendetta against the coven. There should be an interesting twist later on in this season. If it came down to it, Judith and Judas will choose to help their father even if it means killing Prudence.

 In the previous episode, Sabrina decided to post-pone getting into a romantic relationship to focus on herself. As soon as she made herself a priority, Nicolas decided to stroll into Baxter high with his jockey jacket and cute smile. As charming as he is, Sabrina didn’t let him back into her heart right away. Love was put on the back burner when figures from hell began to emerge from the grounds of Greendale. This was a result of both Sabrina’s co-existing in different realms. Separating these realms was troubling for the coven. This leads an angel the coven to believe that both Sabrina’s should merge to save the earth. Having two Sabrians in this season has made this show enjoyable because they are different in a lot of ways. Up until the previous episode, Sabrina has been the only child. Having Sabrina Morningstar to lean on helped her cope with her depression.

 Thankfully the merging was canceled because Ambrose discovered three duplicate realms merging, which is revealed as a cosmic eldritch terror. Instead, Sabrina Morningstar was sent to another realm, while Sabrina Spellman helps the coven of Greendale. It was sad to see because Sabrina Morningstar was the fun side of Sabrina. She allowed herself to love, dance, and sing with Harvey’s band. Lucifer wasn’t happy about losing his daughter, so he came for his son. Instead of running, Lilith hid Adam and made it look like she killed him. This backfired quickly as her request to die was denied. Lucifer punished Lilith by turning her into a mortal. It’s sad to say, but it seems like Lucifer won this battle again. Baby Adam, may not have a mother soon.

Rating 4/5

I’m giving this episode of The Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina “Deus Ex-Machine” four out of five stars. Nick’s presence at Baxter High was a curveball. I was outraged at Sabrina for hooking back up with him after she told Nick that she needs more time. Within 24 hours, she was back in his arms, I would still sleep with one eye open If I was her. Hopefully, this means that the witches of the Academy will become students because that will also make this season very enjoyable. This season, we’ve heard more Riverdale references than ever. I’m also still crossing my fingers for the crossover. It’s going to be interesting to see how the coven will clean this up. At the end of the episode, we saw Sabrina’s double with another version of her Aunt Hilda and Zelda. At least the other Sabrina isn’t completely shoved out of the picture yet.

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