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Sabina’s Love Bug

Sabrina decided to get back into the dating world, but it’s wasn’t a good idea like she thought. She talked herself into going on a date with Carl and Melvin. These dates were boring, to say the least. Sabrina still held onto the qualities she loved about Harvey and Nick, which made it harder to get to know these guys. So far in this season, Sabrina has shown signs of depression and loneliness because her friends and family have love, which has made her feel left out.

   Sabrina even went as far as to attempt to destroy her double’s relationship with Calaban. This is very low for Sabrina’s character, but it’s understandable in this phase of her mental state. She was at the point where she was willing to do anything to get some attention. Love is why she feels a distance between her and her friends. Sabrina’s double was all she had left, but she fears that her love for Calaban will separate them too. It’s hard for her to see everyone happy without happiness for herself.

The Uninvited

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 Blackwood is giving it his all in this final season. After nearly turning Greendale into a whole entity of darkness, another Eldritch Terror by the name of “The Uninvited” made his way to Greendale. The uninvited is a mysterious homeless man who rips the heart out of those who don’t invite him. I was glad that Ros’s cunning warned her to invite him in, I didn’t want her to suffer the same fate as the young woman who turned him down. Ros and Harvey’s encounter with him helped ambrose save more people from getting their hearts ripped out.

   I was surprised by how open Ms.Wardwell was to joining Blackwood’s church. Blackwood is everything, but a Christian leader. There were indications in this episode of how demonic he is. Faustus groomed The Uninvited to attend Hilda’s wedding so that he could kill everyone. What irritated me about this scene was the fact that Nick was being a jerk to the uninvited when ambrose warned all of them that he might try to come in. 

  Luckily Sabrina came up with a plan, but it also involved crashing another wedding. Her double held a ceremony in hell for her marriage to prince Calaban. I knew that they were a good match for each other, but I wasn’t expecting marriage so soon. I also wasn’t expecting to kiss a dirty Eldritch Terror, but it happened. Her plan to trap him worked, but she broke his heart in the process. I understand that ripping hearts out of people isn’t okay, but he wasn’t always evil. I sympathized with this terror. All he wanted was love. I’m not sure how long Sabrina’s dollhouse will hold him, but let’s hope it’s forever.

Rating: 5/5

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This episode was also very enjoyable to watch. I noticed that these Eldrich terrors that are coming to Greendale aren’t like the other forms of Demons that Sabrina has battled before. They have a deeper representation than the past villainous creatures. The Dark attempted to attack the mental state of one’s body and the uninvited represents the cruelty that most people show others based on appearances. The heartless acts that many people don’t think about because there is usually no instant karma like his. This is a form of punishment to blackwood, but I feel like this will make her a stronger character in the end. I’m glad that we get to see more of Sabrina’s mortal side. I also loved that the biggest message behind this episode was that Sabrina needs to learn to make herself happy. Hopefully, she doesn’t take it too far out of context. 

  I understand that some fans aren’t used to seeing Sabrina as sad as she is in this season. This show isn’t about who will be her next boyfriend. We love her based on her bad a** abilities, but even fictional characters have their highs and lows. These qualities are what make them more relatable. This character build-up will also lead to a better ending than we might think. I’m looking forward to seeing Sabrina find herself again. Other details that I noticed in this episode was how Sabrina resembled the original 2D comic book version of her character at her aunt Hilda’s second wedding. It gave me the warmth I’ve felt several times when I would read an Archie comic while I ate cereal. I would like to also add that this season made another Riverdale Reference in the previous episode. We have a lot of plot twists to look forward to. I hope everyone is enjoying season 4.

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