*Warning: This article does contain spoilers.*

The Weird Arrives In Greendale

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  Blackwood’s war with the coven isn’t going great as planned so far. If you’re not aware of what happened in the previous episode, I would suggest that you read The Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina Chapter 30: The Uninvited Review. If you’re squeamish, I wouldn’t recommend watching this episode either, but we’ve seen more gore from this show in the past. The Weird Eldrich Terror is unique. Unlike the other terrors that have shown to have a deeper meaning behind their existence, the weird is beyond creepy. Although I couldn’t stomach the squid-like figure in some scenes, I was filled with laughter when the terror called Blackwood weak. His plans to colonize using Sabrina’s body was almost successful until Ambrose got the upper hand. 

The octopi snuck its way into her body while she was in the middle of forming a relationship with a new boy by the name of Lucas. I found it ironic how much Lucas resembled a healthy mixture of Nick and Harvey. At the end of The Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina Chapter 30: The Uninvited Review Sabrina carved both of her former lover’s names into a red candle. She proceeded with this action by filling up her bathtub to soak a figure of a man. If only it was that easy. For a moment, I thought that Lucas was the wax figure. It turned out that her build-a-man was still bathing and Lucas decided to transfer to Riverdale after frenching Sabrina’s sea creature tongue.

Rosaline The Witch

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We know that Rosaline came from a super religious background with a history of blindness, but I never suspected that she could be a witch. The “cunning” that she possesses is the power of a witch. I was surprised to see that this was overlooked. Marie sensed her otherworldly powers and guided her into her new life. After everything that she’s been through with Sabrina, it was sad to see that she was uncomfortable about telling Harvey. Ros always preached about honesty, but now she understands how tough it was for Sabrina to expose herself to her friends.

The Birth Of Adam

Calaban finally became the king of hell once he married Sabrina’s double, but his biggest threat was in the womb of Lilith. Calaban decided to get rid of his problem immediately by rushing the birth of Adam. This scene was my favorite out of the entire episode because all of the women in the academy united to support Lilith. It was empowering to see them share the pain with Lilith. After several pushes, she finally delivered a boy named Adam. Lilith can be nasty, but I loved that she got to experience a love like no other. Every piece of happiness she has had in her life had been taken away by Lucifer. Adam is a form of happiness I know she will not let him have.

I’m sure Lucifer won’t be happy about her naming their newborn son after her former mortal lover. This also made me grow suspicious of Lilith. Maybe Lucifer isn’t her baby daddy and she just used her child to keep her life. I thought about the timeline and it could be a possibility that her son is half-witch and half-mortal like Sabrina. Although Lucifer was never fully committed to Lilith because he too had a baby with a mortal, he doesn’t believe in double standards. Lilith has always stood by his side while he continued to bring her nothing, but pain. He himself can deal with it, but can’t take it much like Blackwood. Calaban’s plan to kill Adam failed thanks to Zelda for giving her sanctuary and fighting off the demons from hell.

Rating: 4/5

I rated this episode of The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina “The Weird” 4 out of five stars because this episode isn’t as in-depth as the previous episodes. The weird wasn’t much of a terror, it was more so of an awkward possession of human bodies. Somehow the lesson that Sabrina learned is that she needs to be by herself for a while, not in a romantic relationship. I agree with this moral lesson. Although I feel like this episode lost some steam for this season, I loved the representation of women empowerment in this episode. The childbirth of Adam was my favorite scene as well as the formation of the new weird sisters consisting of Prudence, Ros, and Marie. More than anything, I love how Blackwood’s plans to sabotage the coven has helped them become stronger individuals by putting them through these personality tests.