Animal Crossing: New Horizons is full of collabs to start off the new year!

The first collab announced is that of a Super Mario Bros. themed pack for Animal Crossing: New Horizons. From Luigi’s outfit to the “?” Block can be ordered in-game as clothing/furniture items. The familiar green pipes can be used to teleport from one part of the island to another part (as long as you have placed more than one pipe).

The free update has already launched on February 25. Once you install the update, the items will be ready to buy in-game via Nook Shopping in town hall on March 1. This collab is due in part to celebrate Nintendo’s Super Mario Bros.’ 35th anniversary. It is suggested that you can recreate Super Mario Bros. levels on your New Horizons island.

Another collab is that with Sanrio via an Amiibo card pack! Once you use the cards, you can order Sanrio themed items in-game as well as invite residents that come with the card pack— i.e. Chai, Etoile, etc. The card pack has 6 cards in total and each one is specifically themed to each Sanrio character like; Hello Kitty, Pompompurin, Little Twin Stars, and much more!

These packs become available on March 26 at Target. This comes after a March 18 software update. This isn’t the first time Animal Crossing has collabed with Sanrio (nor Super Mario Bros.) as shown in Animal Crossing: New Leaf via a crossover pack, according to Polygon. According to the same article on Polygon, the packs will cost $5.99.

Credit: Nintendo and Polygon

This isn’t the first time Animal Crossing has done a collab, and it certainly will not be the last!