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I’m sorry you don’t feel anything, Gretchen. – Lindsay

In this episode of You’re The Worst things go from bad to, well, worse. The show continues to explore Gretchen’s depression, which has taken a turn in a big way. Gretchen is self medicating (Snorting Adderall? Red licorice vodka?), avoiding her loved ones, and eventually, breaking up with her boyfriend and leaving to stay with Lindsay. I remain firm in my assertion that I wish the writers would depict Gretchen seeking help. With just two episodes left this season, I am concerned that we won’t get a satisfying conclusion. However, if the first season was any indication, the last few episodes will really amp up the narrative.

For the most part this episode centered on Gretchen in her work environment. She continues to help Sam, whose dis track “New Phone, Who Dis”, recorded with Lindsay, is getting some radio play. Sam is a hot-head, however, and his radio interviews go badly as he, even with Gretchen’s help, is unable to control his temper when callers trash the song. During the first interview, Sam walks out. During a follow-up interview, Sam lays into a caller who calls him a “bitch.” Things turn violent when that same caller shows up at the studio as Sam and crew are leaving and begins to beat the crap out of Sam, Honey Nutz and Shitstain. In the most shocking moment I’ve seen on this show, Gretchen, emotionless, pulls out a gun, points it at the callers and scares them off. Afterwards, Lindsay and the others are shaken, but Gretchen is stoic. She calmly lights a cigarette and leaves.

Elsewhere, Jimmy is coping with Gretchen’s illness by drinking. Early in the episode, Gretchen tells Jimmy that she feels nothing about their relationship and it’s best that Jimmy leave. This seems like a break-up and Jimmy copes by going to Nina’s bar. Nina, the waitress that he met on Halloween, offers him an ear, and while he tries to avoid their chemistry, eventually he succumbs, kissing Nina at the end of the episode. I wish I could say I was disappointed in Jimmy, but at the moment, I’m just not pulling for Gretchen and Jimmy. They are both experts at avoiding conflict, and they consistently fail to work together to solve their relationship issues. I hope that they are able to overcome this setback, but honestly, it seems like there is more work to be done than can fit into two 22-minute episodes.

Favorite one-liners:

I think it’s important to consider side projects separate from the main artists. Temple of the Dog. Chris Gaines. These are really old references. I’ll look stuff up. Anyway, context! – Gretchen

Red licorice vodka? Were you expecting Chris Hansen? – Jimmy

Maybe I just make bad decisions! I bought a chocolate fountain. Who does that? – Dorothy

Then why didn’t you show up to Jacqueline’s dental school graduation? – Shitstain

Take me to my Volt – Sam


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