Time for a journey into February! The month of romance is upon us, as well as the first anniversary of doing top furry art lists!

What sort of romantic pieces do we have in store? Well, not much for this week; but I’m certain we’ll see more the closer we get to Valentine’s Day!

Also, don’t forget to check out last week’s art list for some great pieces and some nice, beautiful long hair. Trust me it’s great.

Let’s get started with this week’s list, beginning with:

7. Alleyway Ambush

A rampaging charge down a hall kicks off this week’s list of furry art. Newcomer Cookie gives us a dynamic piece straight out of the pages of a Dungeons & Dragons campaign. Whoever’s shooting those arrows at the dragon better watch out – he’s coming in and coming in hot!

There are so many cool designs going on in this piece as well. I love the hues of gold and blue used for the armor, and that sword makes for a wicked-looking weapon. Also…is that a mace on the tail? Reminds me of Cluny the Scourge from Redwall!

6. Taco Tuesday

I think Sixth Leaf has a thing for dragons and food because here’s yet another adorable piece featuring dragons getting into culinary mischief. This time we’re going a little south of the border for some delicious-looking Mexican-style food.

While the dragons are cute and the food delicious, that’s not all that’s going on here. Sixth Leaf shows a good use of art theory, as each dragon is either paired with food of a matching color or food that works good with their color. Each food has a uniquely colored dragon and the colors are done in a way so that they stand out, but don’t clash with each other. Now that’s maraviloso!

5. HB Rice

Speaking of adorable, Kyander came out with this really cute birthday picture this past week. I’m getting a sort of cosmic vibe from this, but that could be due to the character on the right. I mean, their inner ears even have a bit of a galactic-looking sparkle to them!

It’s a nice picture to look at, and there’s a good amount of emotion and body language conveyed here. Take a careful look at both characters and what their body parts are doing. For example, the toes on the right character are curled up. Big and long also seems to be in order, with both characters having huge ears, and the girl having beautiful long blonde hair and what looks like a long tail too.

One of the cutest birthday presents I’ve seen yet!

4. Far-Out Cat

I honestly think I remember seeing this as a work in progress over the past few months.

Decyl completed this canvas painting of an astronaut lynx this past weekend. And I do mean canvas – this is an actual, real painting. I think the canvas worked well in Decyl’s favor too, as it gives a sort of texture to the astro-lynx’s suit – just zoom in and take a close look.

It’s amazing to think someone hand-painted this, and there are so many details and trinkets packed on the suit. So many little buttons and folds and so on. There’s even a nice reflection on the helmet’s visor.

It took a staggering 140 hours to complete, but it resulted in quite the amazing piece of work.

Don’t get too lost in space though! We still have to check out the honorable mentions:

I wonder if they throw those like shuriken? Art by Yacrical
Badass female bat? Yes, please! Art by Lushminda
Reach out for the moon! Art by Goodbirdart

Now, let’s get back into orbit, we’ve got a top three to get to! And speaking of space and cosmic sorts of things:

3. Beyond Infinity

Kicking off the top three is a piece that really got me to stop and go “whoa!” Perhaps it’s the bright space dust that’s in the winds of the dragon and on his body? Or maybe it’s the nice, warm colors over all that this piece uses that gives it a sense of wonder and comfort?

It’s such a unique design too – I don’t think I’ve seen a character that has galactic markings on their fur. And I like how it works with the starry night background, but doesn’t clash with it. It seems like it’d be a difficult character concept to pull of but, Nitimali did it without a hitch!

2. A Great Catch

Illya Royz is back with more beautiful painting-style pieces. This time we’ve got a wolf hunting some impressively-sized fish. Hopefully he’s not too in over his head!

It’s a great action piece, and the inclusion of bars on the top and bottom give it a cinematic-like feeling. Tilted angles always go good with action pieces, adding a sense of momentum to things. And there are so many curves to the picture too! The water is wavy, the trees are curvy and bendy, and I think all of the fish are as well.

The water effects are also a nice icing on the cake here. It’s not too often I see an above-and-below water picture, and I think Royz did an excellent job with that here.

And now, the #1 pick for this week is:

1. Lovely Flora

Coming in at #1 is a piece that’s surely out-of-this-world by Jadan. And not just with the flora – check out that alien-looking fennix character too! Not to be confused with the Fortnite character.

This looks like something straight out of James Cameron’s Avatar, what with the bright, glowing plants. It really sends the mind wandering, wondering what else is hiding on this alien planet. What I like about the glow is how…controlled it is, if that makes sense? It’s more of a soft, warm glow, and not so much a bright, attention-stealing glow.

There are also some other nice glow effects in the picture as well – note how the fennix has a nice, light blue glow around him. And eyes that also have a bit of a glow – but this one’s more of a look of curiosity and wonder.

Combine that with some great detail and excellent colors, and you’ve got a real winner. Congratulations and well done Jadan, your piece is the #1 for this week!

And that brings this bout of far-out exploring of art to an end. I wonder what sort of alien worlds we might see in the next coming weeks? Maybe we’ll get some alien romance – there’s only one way to find out!