Welcome back to another week of awesome furry art!

This week we’ve got some pretty vivid picks. Not too much in the Thanksgiving-themed department, but still some pretty great art regardless.

Let’s jump right in by checking out the first pick for this week:

7. Autumn in Shearwood Forest

Kicking off this week’s list is the return of Robin Hood fan art. Ah, good old Disney’s Robin Hood, the movie that allegedly created a generation of furries. Nela did a great job with this piece, using a lot of more earthly colors that give a nice autumn feeling to it – perfect for some late November browsing! A good piece of celebrated camaraderie in the wake of successful plundering.

6. Scaled Fur

Speaking of earthly colors, here’s this dragon by Isvoc! We’ve seen a lot of dragons on this series, and even some furry dragons, but I think this is the first time I’ve seen a dragon that mixes both. And artist Isvoc does an excellent job in mixing the fur and scale together, with some nice blending effects as well as some great texturing. You really do get a feeling that the green portion is some sort of rough, scaley part of the dragon. Setting this against a parchment-like background with a golden halo-like sun also gives this a nice mythological feel.

5. Reverb

And now we go from cool earthly tones to some bright, vivid colors – but colors aren’t the only thing exploding here! Lazy Creations bursts onto the scene with this wild commission featuring a cool-looking creature called Reverb. Looks like they’re blasting out of a building, throwing records all over in some sort of musical mayhem. Looks like it’s a good thing, though, as plenty of creatures in the piece are glad to see them. Maybe it’s some sort of rave performance?

4. Poff

Uh oh, looks like a mad scientist has gotten a hold of Silverfox’s little mischievous foxy fellow! A magic formula to make a furry creature even more furry and fluffy? Surely this would be a great thing, right? Well, judging by the fox’s reaction…maybe not. It’s a classic mad scientist running experiments, but it’s Silverfox’s art, so of course, he’s going to look downright adorable. I really like his zany design, and it really lends itself to that overall mad scientist look.

3. The King is Here

We’ve got a real royal start to the top three for this week. Lerion put out this kingly commission featuring Lark’s character….which I believe has been on this series before. I thought I recognized them! Though this time, they’re royalty instead of a mage. Royalty with some attitude – get a load of that smirk and the way he rests his head on his hand. This gives me the impression of someone who’s planning…something. Well, can’t be a king if you aren’t trying to plan around others. Also, don’t miss that cool little dragon skulking around the top of the throne.

2. Something for the Hoard

We’re taking a bit of a dive into the worlds of blues and purples with this commission by Kahze. This little furry dragon has snatched an enchanted purple gem from what looks like an enchanted forest. A lot of twists and turns in this piece are brought about by curvaceous trees lined with purple gems and mystical mushrooms. A lot of sharp-looking points from the mushrooms and trees suggest a sort of danger to this forest. And then, throw in a star-studded background with a moon and some clouds, and you’ve got a neat scene that suggests magic, mystery, and danger.

And now, this week’s #1 pick is:

1. Autumn Romance

Momobeda manages to not only take this whole list full-circle but also snag the #1 spot for this week. Okay, sure it might be autumn love and not camaraderie, but it still has a nice, relaxed tone. Although, unlike the Robin Hood piece, this one has a warmer autumn feel to it, brought about with brighter colors and a heavier red and orange presence. It works quite well for the emotions that appear to be going on in the piece. It’s a lovely, cute, romantic piece and a great way to send off the month of November.

Congratulations and well-done, Momobeda, your piece is the #1 pick for this week!

And that brings November to a warm autumn close. Next month is December, which not only brings about the holiday cheer but also the cold season of winter. I can’t wait to see what sort of warm, wintery pieces we’ll see next month!

But what about you? Did you like the list, agree with it, or disagree? Let us know in the comments, and we’ll see you all next week!