Have we reached the end of the first month of furry art already? Man, time sure does fly when you’re trying out new systems and looking for great furry art!

Last week was a pretty nice week, with some delicious warm and neon colors. Can this week stack up to the warmth? Well, there’s only one way to find out, and that’s to kick things off with the #7 pick:

7. Mana Mania

Kicking off this week’s art is a piece that’s surely magical. We’ve got ourselves a white wolf here casting some cool looking green magic from a spell book that’s…wait a minute, is that cover in elvish? Huh, maybe the commissioner’s a The Lord of the Rings fan?

What I like about this piece is the hint of dark, ominous intent with this piece. Perhaps it’s the shade of green that’s used? But it’s also in how the character’s face is drawn: a slight angle with the other half of his face shadowed over. I am wondering what sort of magical spell he’s casting, too. Green with heavy shadows makes me think of dark necromancy.

6. Expensive Taste

It’s been quite a while since we’ve seen something on here by Vexstacy! I believe she took a break off of Twitter (and art) for a period of time back in 2020, but it looks like she’s back to rock it with more lovely ladies! Vexstacy’s art is always a pleasure to look at. Okay, I’ll admit, the ladies look nice. But it’s also a good lesson in how to make characters sensual without straying into explicit territory.

That, and I really enjoy the different kinds of outfits Vexstacy does for her drawings. They’re always so different and easy to associate with each character she draws. Like with this piece – I love that turquoise with the gold trim. It plays very well with the turquoise marks on her face, and then her turquoise-and-yellow tail. The long, flowing pink hair is a great addition, too.

5. Caught!

Looks like characters aren’t the only thing that’s doubled in this piece – it’s also a neat collab between Orphen-Sirius and Reefu!

We’ve got a nice, lighthearted piece here on the #5 spot. Well, light-hearted and a little mischievous, if the expression on the canine is anything to go off of. He’s also really slender, which is something I don’t think I’ve seen too often in regards to character designs. That’s one way to catch one’s attention!

I also really like the design of their outfits. They both feature dark colors, but then a nice trim to stand out from it as well.

4. Eye of the Storm

“Whoa!” is all I have to say to this piece. What a dynamic first impression, am I right? I don’t think I’ve ever seen an electric dragon like this! I mean sure, yeah, I’ve seen lighting-throwing dragons. But none of them were like this! That glow is set real lovely against the darker colors as well. Makes it stand out and outright demand attention. That electric blue also meshes really well with the burgundy wings.

The tilted framing works pretty good as well. And I like how the swirling blue clouds and red moon are opposite from the electric crystals. Makes it very easy for the eye to travel up and down along the dragon and really get an eyeful of how awesome they look.

Don’t get too lost in the storm, though. We’ve got some honorable mentions to check out:

Some pretty good honorable mentions this week! Don’t get too lost in the forest though, we’ve still got the top three to check out, starting with:

Kicking off the top three is this beautiful drawing of Crym’s character, a bunnycorn. Y’know, bunny and unicorn.

Anyways, this picture is nice for a couple of reasons. One, I really dig the character design, as there’s something that looks otherworldly and magical. Which is handy when your character is something as exotic as a bunnycorn. And the other major reason is the shading. It looks so nice and soft, and the yellow-ish outline around the character adds to that magical quality. Top it off with a cosmic background of a moon and constellations, and you’ve got a great start to the top three.

2. Divinely Beautiful

Looks like we’re keeping up the sense of magic and wonder with the #2 pick! We’ve got ourselves some…ghost koi? Spirit koi?

What really gets my attention though, is the character’s hair. Just look at it! It’s so long, so flowing, and so beautiful. It’s almost your guide through this picture in a sense: as your eyes trace all the hair strands you’re led to all of the different parts of the piece. In addition, you’ve got the deer himself, drawn in a rarely-seen perspective of looking down on him.

I don’t see any other way you could really frame it though. The perspective gives the picture a real sense of depth, coupled with the shading and position of the koi. Most importantly, it really lets you get an eyeful of that hair. I’m sorry, that’s just too good!

And now, the #1 pick for this week is:

1. Through the Woods

Would a centaur count as furry? I’d think so, they’re half animal after all! And this piece by Josh Cameron is a great debut for classic fantasy centaurs!

First, I really adore the pose that the centaur is in. It’s a very fun, carefree, almost flocking pose. As if he is dancing through the forest along with the other deer. Next, the bright, warm colors are nice. It’s a bit of a change of pace to see nice, bright greens instead of deep, lush colors. I like it, though. It adds a sense of comfort and warmth to the piece.

In addition, I like all of the little accessories the centaur has. The leather belt with the different tools hanging from it, the horn strapped to his side, and that wonderful looking spear. I also like the touches of animal on his head, such as the deer ears and antlers.

It’s a very beautiful piece, and a great pick for the top spot! Congratulations and well done Josh Cameron, your piece is the top pic for this week!

And that brings the first new month of furry art to a close! Some really strong pieces this time around! I might have trouble trying to figure out which of these four I like the best.

Now we’re onto February, so get your hearts and chocolates ready – it’s going to be time for Valentine’s Day pieces.