It’s time to fluff up for another round of great furry art picks! I hope you’ve been enjoying what r/furry, the furry subreddit, has been able to offer for this month. So many great pieces to choose from, but there’s only so little space! Speaking of which, let’s jump right into things with this week’s top seven picks:

7. Burning Fire Stag

Commission: Elf Class Symbol - Burning Fire Stag

Starting things off this week is this glowing stag that’s got quite the otherworldly look about him. Perhaps it’s that cloudy backdrop that’s letting in some light or those pupil-less eyes?

That otherworldly look works though – according to the artist’s notes, this was made for a client, intended as an insignia for elves. Very nice!

6. Meet Kisuki

r/furry - "Kisuki" by angiewolf

Coming in at number six is another seven-tailed fox character it seems! Loving the blue glow of power that emanates throughout the picture! It’s got a very nice, anime-esque look to it. Not sure if they should be holding the sword like that, however.

Also, check out that viscous-looking red muzzle mas with the sharp teeth!

5. Red Moon Wolf

r/furry - Red Moon Wolf - Artist is @WhiteGoldInk on twitter - I wonder what he is thinking rn... offering up the moon!
Coming in at #5 we have the “Red Moon Wolf”, with this wolf here looking almost as if they are offering the moon. Either that or perhaps showing it off for some reason? I like the way the clouds sweep around the image, though. And then you have that change from the dark blue clouds into the red clouds, gradually leading your eye to that mysterious red moon. The wolf’s face even has a red/blue light to it even, and I think some purple on its fur too!

This is a really cool pic and honestly looks like something that might’ve been on a Magic: The Gathering Card.

4. Star Guardian Ezreal

Star Guardian Ezreal Cosplay

I’ve honestly never played League of Legends, but I gotta hand it to Anixis, she sure can draw some dashing males in some dashing cosplays! It’s a very stylish rendition – I love the way the gold and even the blue on the outfit shines, and that gauntlet looks really cool.

A very handsome fellow and I think they’re right at home taking the number 4 spot!

We’ve got some great winners this week it looks like. But before we go onto the top three, let’s check out some great honorable mentions for this week:

r/furry - [Q] Show Your Pride! [Featuring Vegakit by MyLoveless]

MyLoveLess did this great commission that should remind everyone to be proud of who you are and who you love!


That cool blue armor honestly reminds me of something out of World of Warcraft.

r/furry - Night shift (by @jacato_ on Twitter)

Gotta love the cool sword design set against a cool cityscape.

Hangout and Chill

It’s always great to relax and unwind with a good friend.

r/furry - Here’s a drawing I had finished of my fursona Amnesia. Tbh one of my favorite designs I had done for them.

There’s something about the pose and the way everything is framed in this pic that’s really nice.

r/furry - Ambush (Atryl)

Watch out! This fox isn’t just cute, but she’s also poised and ready for the kill!

COM - Goldomond Suit

What a dashing gent we seem to have found here!

Nice to see a variety of different subjects and scenarios for the honorable mentions. Now, let’s get onto the top three, starting with:

3. The Gloves Are Off!

The Gloves are off! [CM]

Kicking off the top three is this red-hot piece that, according to the comment section, is Hazbin Hotel-inspired. I honestly wouldn’t know as I haven’t seen it yet. But what draws me in is the sheer intensity that the red in this picture brings, and the pose of the character coupled with the title of the piece only adds more to that sense.

I mean, the character’s suit is even red! Whatever the gloves are off for, their maniac pose ensures me that it’s serious business and this guy will do some serious damage! Stay out of his way!

2. Carnival Queen

Carnival Queen Play Mats
Do you like exotic macaw dancers? I’m sure you’ll dig the number 2 spot – which fun fact, you can buy as a mat! Just go to the source page of this image and check out the links in the description!

This is based on an earlier piece named The Carnival Queen, which has been partially cropped in order to fit into mat dimensions. And I think Sixth Leaf Clover did an excellent job with the framing! Not to mention, this piece is downright gorgeous to look at! I love the way Sixth Leaf does their colors and the feathers as well. While it’s also sensual it does keep it tasteful, too.

And now, for the number one pick of this week:

1. Upgrade

r/furry - Upgrade (Miles-DF)

What’s this? The unnamed female lombax character from the Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart has once again secured the top spot! And I can assure you it’s not due to any bias – the most of this franchise I’ve played is a demo on some PS2 Jam Pack disc!

But Miles-DF really brings it with this rendition of the character, having created a piece that’s just so darn cool to look at. And I love the detail on her clothes – you can see the stitches and almost even tell what fabric it is. And on the fur as well – she looks, well, really furry! She also admittedly looks cute too as she struggles to make changes to her robotic arm, but all around this is a great piece. Congratulations Miles-DF, your piece is the number one pick for this week!

And another week of fantastic furry artwork finds a close. We’re almost out with the month of June, so let’s see what’s in store for this final week. I’ve been enjoying the art on r/furry too – I should make that a regular source of art!

Once again I want to congratulate all artists featured both in this article and off. Keep on drawin’ and I’ll see you all back for the final week of June art.