Can you feel the Christmas spirit filling the air? Well, I certainly can’t on this weekly list of furry art, as there’s been a surprising lack of jolly Christmas-related pictures this year.

That’s alright, though, because it’s still awesome art. And another list where sorting things out and deciding which pieces were best was difficult. How difficult? See for yourself, starting with the #7 pick:

7. Kitchens

Victoria Soroka begins this week’s list with this otherworldly-drawing of what look like dragons? Or maybe they’re spirits of some kind? Either way, I like their curvaceous design, varied colors, and those haunting, glowing eyes. Dark, heavy shades really help set the tone for the piece. And the warped perspective really adds to everything else in the picture, and helps to give it that odd, otherworldly feel.

6. Shark Hanger

Flying in at #5 is a real hanger of a piece, if you catch my wings. Rebarchi gives us this really handsome-looking shark with a neat prosthetic arm. The muscle definition on the shark is great, especially on the upper body, along with the varied shades of blue that’s used on him. Meanwhile, we’ve got quite rendered background, with a nice floorboard, an old looking aircraft, and pockets of light and shadow that creep through.

5. Finding A New Weapon

Who doesn’t like to find new precious weapons when out questing? I think Draigkegnet does, as they did a fantastic work on this bird’s eye view of a scene that looks straight out of an RPG. We’ve even got the magic sword and a lurking dragon that’s ready for a showdown! There are also lots of little things happening here and there as well, such as lilies here and there, fishes swimming in the water, and a cool, glowing magical-looking gem. The only other question I have is: what system is this one on?

4. Elementalist Cat

Next, there is adorable spell-casting cat that…wait let me see something here. Oh, they’re a male. Could’ve fooled me!

Lots of furries like to have femboy-type characters and it’s not uncommon to see a bit of cross dressing going on with them. Regardless, I think Moonlabel helped Faith’s cosplay here work pretty well. Who knew a blue male cat could pull off a pink dress so well? Couple that with a gorgeous background – that stained glass is great and the blur and angle really give it such a dynamic look. Add in a bit of magic, and you’ve got a great cosplay piece!

Don’t get too crossed-up though, there are still some honorable mentions to take a look at:

Some great honorable mentions this week! But now, let’s take on the top three, starting with:

3. Dear Deer

Digger the Fox makes a return with quite the piece to take the #3 spot with. This deer looks really nice – maybe it’s those circular colored shades, or maybe it’s the black coat with the red undershirt and glowing collar that does it. And once again, Digger brings along some intense detail, with the deer looking like almost every strand of fur has been drawn, and some nice antlers to go along with it. A very simple piece, but a nice complex one at the same time. Most of all, it’s real cool to look at.

2. Divine Guardian

Coming in at #2 is this outright dynamic piece by Athalwolf. We’ve got a dragoness warrior with some great armor and some nice, striking colors. The blue sand reds of the armor blend really well with the dragoness’ red scales, and the armor design in general is fantastic. I also like the slanted angle of the piece, which helps give it a bit of dynamic feel, especially with the clouds swirling behind her and the rays of golden sunlight that shine through. More of that yellow and blue coloring as well.

Speaking of outright dynamic, we’ve still got the #1 pick, which goes to….

1. Losing Control

Sixth Leaf Clover is back at it again with another week-topping piece. However, this one sort of stands out from what I’ve seen so far because it’s so dynamic. You have the the spell caster’s general pose, but you’ve also go how he’s positioned in regards to the camera. Both that wicked staff and a clawed foot are just, right up there in your face. with an upwards angle that makes this menacing lizard look all the more wicked.

Don’t get too lost in that skull headdress or swirling magical smoke though – because is it me, or is the background going a little wonky? It’s an excellent addition to the piece and, now that I think of it, I don’t think I’ve seen too much. But I’d like to see more of it! Magic is such a great tool and there’s so much whacky and trippy effects that can be done to enhance a piece.

Congratulations and well done Sixth Leaf Clover, your piece is the #1 pick for this week!

And that rolls this week on to the end. Hopefully you didn’t breathe too much magic lizard fumes in, because we’ve still got another week (or two) left in December. It might be Christmas next week but the top furry lists don’t stop! Okay, maybe we’ll take a break from sourcing on Christmas Day, since everyone deserves a break then.