As usual SPOILERS ahead. Read at your own risk and make sure to check out my Episode 1 and Episode 2 reviews!


Episode three starts off with a dream sequence in which Daphne dreams of an intimate dance with Simon. Eventually just the two of them are left on the dance floor and she wakes just before they kiss. This is followed by a sequence in which Lady Whistledown reveals that Daphne had turned down three proposals. 

Penelope still awaits news from Marina’s love. They chat and discuss why they have yet to hear from him. Lady Featherington kicks out Penelope and then addresses Marina and tells her she is entering the social season and will marry as soon as possible. 

There is a family chat about the nights ball about who Daphne wants to dance with and who she is considering as a possible husband. Naturally Simon shows up and their chemistry is immediately noticeable, it is clear that their rouse is quickly becoming real, though they are oblivious to it.

A montage of Daphne dancing with other suitors, each one has his own flaw and she is not happy with any of them. Simon and her discuss her thoughts and they decide none of them are good enough. 

Freddie Stroma as Prince Friederich greeting Daphne at the ball. © 2020 Netflix

The Queen shows up with her nephew, the Prince Friederich (Freddie Stroma) beginning her scheme to throw a wrench in the social season and drum up some drama. Later on in the episode she makes it known to him that he is to get Daphne’s hand in marriage. 

Then a scene I was not expecting. The seamstress is revealed to not be French. Siena shows up and they are shown to be close friends. This is confusing to me, honestly. What is the purpose of pretending to be French? I am needing to have more back story and explanation. I am hoping it will come in a later episode. 

Siena seeks out SImon at the social gathering and invites him to see one of her performances at the opera. He seems interested, but later on does not show up in order to see Daphne. 

Anthony and Daphne attempt to have some warm milk when she cannot sleep. Though neither know how to light or operate the stove. They have a bonding moment and discuss Simon’s opposition to marriage. Anthony reveals a bit about his past, but not a lot of details, just enough to make Daphne question things. 

Daphne is shown on the piano, which she spends a lot of time on this episode writing a song about her feelings for Simon. My romantic heart is honestly bursting because I think that is so sweet. At the event at Somerset House sees the Prince attempting to charm Daphne and Lady Featherington attempting to introduce Marina to potential suitors. Daphne breaks away from the party and meets Simon in another wing of the house, they discuss one of his paintings that he donated. This scene is so beautiful and poetic and romantic. I am absolutely giddy about how lovely this scene was. The irritation I felt when it was cut short due to a fake fainting outburst in the other room from Lady Cowper.

Claudia Jessie As Eloise Bridgerton © 2020 Netflix

Eloise’s sarcastic attitude is a saving grace in this series. She is growing to be one of my favorite characters. Her need to have freedom in both creativity and socially is her driving force in her actions. I truly want to see her have success. Claudia Jessie really does an amazing job of bringing this character to life.

Lady Featherington is honestly moving up my list of most hated characters ever. Her antics this episode grow more and more cruel and evil. She first brings Marina to an area of town with less fortunate and homeless, saying that she will end up there if she doesn’t listen to her and find a husband. Her most evil act being the fake letter she wrote to Marina from “Sir George” that stated there was never anything between them. Her joy in Marina’s heartache is awful. 

Simon and Daphne have another intense conversation, this one turning sexual in nature. This reveals again how little girls knew about their bodies back then. It is quite shocking really. It also shows the sexual tension to be quite high between them. 

Lady Danbury makes it clear to Simon that he needs to propose to Daphne or back off to allow her to be matched with the prince. This, of course, leads to Simon breaking off their ruse in the cliche pretend to be a jerk so he doesn’t hurt her bit. I am so upset. I just want to shale Simon and make him realize that he likes her. Especially when he says that they could never be friends. Her heartbreak is soul crushing. Knowing I will probably have to endure a few more episodes of waiting for him to realize he is an idiot is frustrating. I am bracing myself for a wild ride. 

Benedict and Eloise bond again over a cigarette about art and creativity. Her frustration over being a woman and held back because she has no rights comes out and she yells at him to seek out his passion with art, because he can. He then accuses her of being Lady Whistledown. 

Anthony visits Siena at the opera and tries to repair their relationship. She turns him down because she does not want to be a secret. I really want them to work out because it is obvious that they really love each other, or at least deeply care for one another. I do not see it happening though. Plus, Lady Bridgerton encourages him to find a suitor and match in eligible ladies at the ball that night. 

Daphne picks herself up and dresses in her finest gown and jewels and makes a dramatic entrance to the ball. All eyes on her, especially the prince’s. She embraces the prince’s intentions and they share a dance, starting their courtship. The Queen watches with enthusiasm, her plan seeming to work. Simon storms out, obviously upset.