Welcome to another week of awesome furry art!

This week was a really challenge this time around – figuring out which one to place in the #3 and #4 spots was tough. As was picking the #1 piece! It was close, but eventually we ended up with solid #3 and #1 picks.

But how are the other pieces? Just as good! Let’s get this week started off with the #7 piece:

7. Get A Handle On

Carnival kicks off this week with an adorable commission of Joystik, a character sporting no arms, but special hair that can grasp and grab things. It’s a unique concept – sure, there’s been characters with limb-like hair, but I’ve never seen that combined with an armless character.

Not only that, but there’s a great mix of cute and a touch of alluring. I’m certain that Joystick knows what she’s doing with that pose. The colors are great as well, and I love the highlights through her hair.

6. No Bounds

Flying in is this soaring commission by HindruDenver featuring the character Lowri. For starters, I love the energy and expression of the character. And the colors are just as amazing, with the browns, tans, and greys of the ship giving a great contrast to the bright blues, greens, and white stones of the backdrop.

That’s not the only way things contrast – take a closer look at the styles. Notice how they’re drawn differently. It makes the foreground and background stick out from each other, but it’s done well enough so they don’t clash with each other.

5. Werewolf Moon

It must be commission-o-rama week, because here’s another commission by Rio Leidoptera. Werewolves and the moon is a classic combination, and this piece works very well with that concept. Rio managed to create a beautiful night sky that stands out from the black fur of the werewolf. In addition, the grey used for highlights, the snout, and eyebrows was a great touch.

The composition is well-done too; having the werewolf’s hand over the moon draws the eye right to the moon, which has a beautiful, surreal glow to it.

4. The Cathedral Fight

Coming in and barely missing the top three at #4 is this dark commission by Natalie de Corsair. This is a great piece, with a nice, dark heavy style, action, and some fantastic designs. The dark creatures look rugged and frightening, with classic, pupil-less glowing eyes. Aurelian is decked out in a nice dark blue outfit that contrasts with his bright blue and white fur, and the glowing green bits are a nice touch, with a blur effect that gives a nice sense of motion.

It’s a ghastly, gothic piece set in a dark church. What’s there not to like?

Don’t get too overwhelmed, as we’ve got the honorable mentions to check out:

Some powerful honorable mentions, right? Now let’s get into the top three, starting with:

3. Dragale

Coming in at #3 and just barely squeaking by Natalie’s dark church fight is this awesome piece by Spareribs.

Both pieces were great, but I liked Spareribs’ Dragale just a little bit more. The piece makes a greater impression, with dynamic, in-your-face framing, lots of particles adding to that dynamic framing, and some really fantastic colors. A real light vs. dark battle when you think about it!

Spareribs also blends in some great underwater lighting effects that adds to the visual eye candy of the piece.

2. Ancient Portal

Coming in at #2 is this scenic commission by Mylafox. It’s simply breathtaking – and it couldn’t have been a cheap one. Regardless, the price is well worth it with a great piece like this. It looks like something straight out of a classic fantasy adventure.

It’s also a nice use of different central colors – strong blue for the slab, striking red and orange for the portal, and a nice use of greens on the right side and throughout the piece. Everything blends so well together, and not a space of page is wasted.

However, there can only be one top pick, and while this one is strong, it barely loses out to this week’s #1 piece, which is:

1. The Druid Teilah

Coming in at #1 is this breathtaking commission by Ziphora. This is, honestly, a lovely piece to look at, with magical, glowing blue colors, lush greens, and a serene druid at the center of it all. Mylafox put out a lovely scenic piece, but this one is overall stronger, with a greater focus on an anthro character.

In addition, the piece is downright beautiful, especially with all of the magical blues used throughout. And the way the tree branches and green plants frame Teliah not only puts him at the center but also draws on his druidic connection to nature.

It’s a very peaceful, magical, serene piece. Congratulations and well done Ziphora, your piece is the #1 pick this week! Congratulations and well done!

And that brings another week of furry art to a close. Lots of enjoyable pieces this week, and some really tough choices for #3 and #1. That doesn’t mean #4 and #2 are “worse” – I just liked the #3 and #1 a little more.

Which ones did you like the best? Agree with the list? Disagree? Any that you feel should’ve been on the list? Let me know in the comments below! Thanks for reading – and until next time.