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***This post contains major spoilers for episode 2×9 of Krypton, “Blood Moon.”***

Kneel Before Zod

General Dru-Zod is almost ready to send Doomsday to Wegthor to wipe out the resistance. Before he does that, Zod makes an inspiring speech to the Sagitari army getting them ready for the battle. Zod doesn’t care that they may not have enough of the black mercy to completely control Doomsday. In a powerful scene, Zod makes the monster kneel before him before sending him off to Wegthor.


Lyta knows of her son’s plan and while there’s no communication on Wegthor, the crew (Seg, Nyssa, Dev, Jayna, and Lyta) need to find a ship to take them there to warn Val of the upcoming attack. Nyssa awkwardly interrupts a tender, loving moment between Seg and Lyta before they find the cloaked skimmer. Seg and Nyssa decide to go to Wegthor and warn the resistance of the attack. Finally on Wegthor, Seg becomes re-united with his Grandpa Val-El but there’s no time to catch up, the attack is coming. Val-El doesn’t trust Nyssa because of the last time Nyssa was crossed by Zod but Seg is there to back her up.


Seg-El and Lyta share a moment before Nyssa awkwardly interrupts (Courtesy of Syfy)

Kem and Adam who have become leaders of the resistance are also re-united with Seg, they all hug it out and have a bro-ment. It’s honestly great to see all of them together, Seg who’s bromance with Adam really started on Colu this season and Kem, Seg’s best friend from their rankless days, have a moment and its the last good moment before everything goes downhill for the resistance from there.

Meet Your Doom

As the resistance prepares for the attack, only one Sagitari ship drops in on Wegthor. The ship (who could hold up to 5 battalions) only has one soldier though and its Doomsday. Dru-Zod gives the order to kill them all. The resistance unload their fire on Doomsday and they think they killed him but you know it’s not going to be that easy to kill the monster. Once Doomsday gets back up, Val orders the resistance to retreat but the commander tells his troops that they’re not falling back. Doomsday ends up killing all the  troops and making his way to the tunnels.

Seg wants to keep fighting but Adam tells them that the only person that could take down Doomsday doesn’t exist anymore and that the only thing they can do right now is run and live to fight another day. With Doomsday down in the tunnels, Val’s plan is to collapse the tunnels on Doomsday, which will give them enough time to get the remaining soldiers on a ship back to Krypton. Kem and Seg go down to the tunnels to place the charges.

Unfortunately, while down in the tunnels, the power grid was destroyed, and Val can no longer detonate from the control station. It’s up to Kem and Seg to destroy the tunnels from within but that means one of them will have to sacrifice themselves for the rest of the team.

Meanwhile, on the surface, a battalion of Sagitari is dropped on the Wegthor surface blocking them on their path to the ship. Nyssa goes all mortal kombat on the Sagitari, slicing and dicing them.


Val-El and Nyssa must fight through an army of Sagitari to get off the moon. (Courtesy of Syfy)

Back on Kandor, Dev and Lyta talk of Lyta’s clone whom Dev had a relationship with. When talking of her clone he told her that she was exactly like her in every way except for her unwavering allegience to Dru. During the conversation, Sagitari soldiers finally located the traitors but Jayna, Lyta and Dev, trap them and turn them against Dru-Zod.

A Meaningful Death

Seg-El decides that he’s the one that must sacrifice himself for the resistance and he’s all ready to give himself up before Kem tells him someone else has to step up. Kem speaking of his death wish, has one last moment with Seg before finding the detonator. Kem looks up at Doomsday before the monster puts his spike through his chest. Kem gets the last laugh however giving Doomsday the finger before dying and setting off the charge, dropping the tunnel on top of Doomsday. The charge not only blew up the tunnel but split the small moon into pieces while Seg extra-ordinarily makes it on to his ship before Wegthor collapses in on itself.


Krypton goes big in it’s “penultimate” episode of the season and scores a huge win. Krypton has been setting up this huge battle all season and its finally here with the resistance taking a huge L. The scene of Doomsday dropping down from his ship on Wegthor ready to take on the entire resistance has been my favorite moment from the series so far. While light on Dru-Zod, his presence is still felt in the two major scenes he had, from his speech to the Sagitari to him getting the beast to kneel before him. Colin Salmon has been so brutal and intimidating in the role, he’s now become my favorite Zod.

While being truly sad, the death of Kem was earned while being totally Kem, with him giving the middle finger to Doomsday as he perishes. Things may look seriously dark for the resistance but there still is an ounce of hope. If the resistance wants to win they need Seg first and foremost and like Kem said, someone else also has to step up.

The seeds have been planted for the resistance to make a comeback with the two Sagitari already being turned by Lyta, Jayna and Dev. It will interesting to see how & who else they are able to turn to the resistance in the finale.

Is Doomsday dead? I mean I hope not, Doomsday was the best part of the later part of this season and he’s an indestructible monster. But you know it’s hard to comeback from a tunnel being dropped on you while a moon gets blown to shreds. I bet Zod has some sort of back up plan, we know he likes to make clones of people he loves.

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